Ryeowook and Heechul? Awkward together?

Okay so I saw someone ask why Heechul and Ryeowook never have any contact, and suddenly everyone was commenting that they are really awkward with each other and aren’t really friends.

I don’t think they’re all that awkward at all! ^_^

I think that they both like each other well enough and are close in their own wee way, but any time that Heechul is on Camera he wants to be the center of attention/hyper/happy/bubbly/out-going. Obviously, he’ll go to the members that are more likely to act like that with him. So, I don’t think that a lack of interaction indicates them being awkward or not that close, I think it’s just because there are other members that it is more natural for them to interact with.

And there IS evidence of this to back that up ^_^ …

Here, Heechul is sitting next to Ryeowook and when they start talking about whether or not Leetuek liked Ryeowook and Kyuhyun to start off with, he announces that he didn’t like Ryeowook at first and Ryeowook agrees, but then he ruffles his hair in an affectionate gesture as a sign that things aren’t like that now.

Here, he also talked about why/when he decided that, actually, he DID like Ryeowook here, as well as talk a little about some of Ryeowook’s good qualities. He sounds like he feels pretty affectionate about him =] .

There are a number of occassions where Heechul talks about Ryeowook in a positive context.

For example, he talked about how he hadn’t felt like eating lately but Ryeowook has been there making sure he eats if it’s the last thing he does XD Which shows not only that Ryeowook cares, but that Heechul has taken notice of the trouble Ryeowook took =]

He also gave Ryeowook a message on YS that he loved him, he wanted him to cheer up, and he thanked him, because Ryeowook’s Grandmother had died. He also talked about his admiration of him in the sense that he continued on and performed even just after he found out.

Here, Heechul shouts for Ryeowook in encouragement, and laughs in affection at him being his usual fail-self at sports ^_^ This generally shows how they can have fun together ^_^

He also celebrates with him when he actually manages to do well =D

He also talks about how he likes being able to come home and find Ryeowook being his generally cute and entertaining self, and offering to make him Ramen when he says he’s hungry ^_^ Heechul apparently finds Ryeowook while he watches dramas hilarious XD

Similar idea as the last video, but Heechul points out that Ryeowook makes a point of being in the same room as him while he’s eating so he doesn’t get bored, and he says that he learns about the world while eating with Ryeowook XD

Lastly, it might be rare, but you CAN actually find affection, skinship and interaction between the two on stage too =] :

There is plenty love between these boys if you just look =D

And for your take away note, think about this: If Ryeowook and Heechul are so supposedly awkward together, why were they NOT the pair on Intimate Note? =]]]]