wook with a kid

Chris Evans being a daddy would include

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  • him being the typical american dad
  • him working out with his kid
  • doing push ups with your kid on his back
  • your little baby cheering
  • him pretending to struggle to make your kid laugh
  • cuddling with your toddler between you two
  • singing lullabies to your little angel
  • “doll, this little fella wants to watch “the Little Mermaid” “
  • “Chris, he’s two months-old”
  • making silly faces to make his baby laugh
  • gently rubbing his nose on the little one’s
  • him holding the baby in his arms 25/8
  • baby reaching out for his boobie
  • “omg doll he wants my boobies”
  • staying awake to watch his baby sleep
  • “you’re my tiny bundle of joy”
  • taking your kid to Disneyland on their birthday every year for the rest of their lives
  • reading to your baby
  • changing his voice for every character
  • making dad jokes all the time
  • “How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.”
  • buying Captain America onesies
  • bribing your kid into saying “daddy”
  • “say dada da-da”
  • “look, little munchkin, if you say dada this little unicorn will be yours”
  • crying when your baby says their first word (spoiler: it’s dada)
  • running around the house from happiness
  • your baby giggling at him
  • you taking pictures of everything that’s happening
  • “my lil meatball”
  • babies tracing his tattoos with their fingers whenever he holds them
  • letting his kids do him a makeover
  • “dada you wook wike a pwincess”
  • him shaving more often (sadly) because otherwise kids won’t let him kiss them
  • “no Dodger, you can’t sit on her, she’s tiny”
  • your baby boy putting his hand on his boob while laughing, just like Chris
  • “don’t listen to anything uncle Mackie says, okay?”
  • him having a “secret” special handshake with his children
  • baking together
  • you finding him crying in your bathroom
  • “what’s wrong, honey?”
  • “i’m not ready for her to get married and leave us yet, doll, i’m not ready”
  • “well, of course you are not ready, Chris, she’s only 5 years old”
  • him getting tattoos that remind him of his children
  • “let’s try for another one, love”
  • “fifth one???”

edtheloser  asked:

I love your YOI Love Child AU. The story, characters, and drawings are amazing! I did have one question though: how close are Viktuuri's family to Seungchuchu's family? I think Phichit and Yuuri would remain close through the years, but what about their kids' friendship?

myung wook is the closest friend mamoru has after milo, so yep, they are close ♥

guess who’s back !

resident meme & future trash mom of god knows how many muses, you may know me from playing feisty smol @yajiae but if you don’t then i’m aina and i’m going to show up on your ims from that account when you like this. like this pls, let’s plot. i’m here to introduce my new son who likes kids & flowers, the softest kid from seoul; choi taewook. here’s taewook’s stats & plots page that i definitely did not copy from jiae and added like 3 new plots. nope. nothing you can prove. under the cut goes a very poorly detailed background, i’m soz.

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