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I am realllly loving this trend in Korean dramas where the men are just goddam principled, nice, respectful and supportive romantic leads. I was so over that shitty tsundere assholes trend. They usually had zero redeeming qualities and just rained on the heroine’s parade.How typical dramas used to start (some still do) the guy is a cold, overconfident mother fucker and the girl is a sweet, poor girl who introduces him to love and makes him a nicer person. Like fuck that shit. That’s not a woman’s job in a romantic relationship.
So I am very happy to see a departure from that with leads like Jung Joon-hyung (Weightlifting Fairy) and Yoo Ji Shin (Descendant of Sun).
Don’t be an asshole. Be supportive, caring and get yourself a partner who isn’t afraid to challenge you and grow with you.

10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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Korean Ahjussi(s): a list

Lately I’ve been liking older Korean actors (daddy syndrome?? lol jk). But seriously, other than having mad acting skills they also have the looks (or charisma) which ever you like. Not to mention they’re all over 30. So here it is, some of my picks that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do:

1. Gong Yoo

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2. Jo In Sung

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3. Jung Woo Sung

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4. Ryu Jun Yeol

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5. Song Joong Ki

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6. Sung Hoon

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7. Daniel Henney

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8. Lee Dong Wook

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9. So Ji Sub

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10. Lee Joon Gi

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