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Hey, can you tell me about Joo Woo Jae or a.k.a ophen28. Thanks ^^

Sorry about the delay, I haven’t been feeling well and there’s a lot to say about this guy~

Here’s his profile from the models page:

Joo Woojae (주우재)

company: YGKplus

birthdate: November 28, 1986

height & weight: 188cm, 61kg

SNS: Official site, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Some random facts:

- Blood type is AB

- Thinks his charm point is his philtrum (the space above his lips)

- Ideal type (in 2013) is figure skater Yuna Kim, but more recently he said he likes actress Kaya Scodelario

- Role model is singer/radio host Yoo Heeyeol.

- Tends to put on a deadpan face in his streetfashion photos, on purpose

- Likes to go bowling

- Can’t drink well - says he can drink up to a glass of beer

- Doesn’t smoke

Woojae was originally a mechanical engineering student at Hongik University but he became involved in freelance modeling, such as pictorials, brand promotions, and streetfashion. Early model friends that he made were Seo Kyungdeok and Kim Kibum. His streetfashion photos grew popular on Myspace

and he grew to have many followers on his SNS account such as Twitter and Facebook. During his fourth year, he took an extended leave to become a model. He was scouted by K-Plus in 2013. He made his runway debut in S/S 2014 Seoul Fashion Week.

This makes Woojae a rare case because he debuted when he was 28 years old.

I commented on this a while back but what makes Woojae particularly unique is how well-rounded he is. Yeah he’s a great model, but he is also the CEO of a brand called SIESTA (see his official site above) which is found in multiple shopping malls.

He also works with radio - in 2013 he had a late night show broadcasted at the Ujung Art Center. He has appeared multiple times on Yuna’s Volume Up on KBS Cool FM throughout 2015, still ongoing. Here’s a playlist someone made of his appearances (no English subtitles, sorry).

Currently, he DJs his own live concert radio show called 그대 모든 짐을 내게. He had a few shows last winter, including a Christmas special featuring many other YGKplus models, and he recently made a “Coming Soon” announcement.

He can rap as well as sing/play the guitar and keyboard.

He also has a great sense of humor. Other models and viewers have commented that he has a lot of wit and charm that he puts into being an MC.

(turn on CC for English subs)

You can watch YGK+ TV to see more of his personality. He seems to like poking fun at Jang Kiyong and his humor is very sarcastic, like here and here.

Some other places you can see him:

- Behind-the-scenes of Yuna’s Volume Up

- Talking fashion with Lee Cheolwoo on Cuvism TV (no subs)

- Fashion interview on YTN (no subs)

- Interview for ING x Go Taeyong collab (no subs)

- Interview for Nike on Air (no subs)

- Doing the ice bucket challenge (no subs)

- Heart a Tag episode 9, 150619 (it’s not subbed yet but here’s part of it from ESteem TV)

- Fancams from his radio show, such as this one. There are tons on Youtube. Here’s a crazy one from the Christmas special - he and Cho Minho are rapping, dressed as reindeer

- Music videos: Yoo Se Yun - We Fought and Yoo Se Yun ft. Jay Park & Niihwa - Middle School Sick (you can see behind-the-scenes of these MVs on YGK+ TV)

You can also read more about him in his interviews with Cuvism and L’Officiel Hommes.