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Fan fiction List

Hey So I thought it would be easier to send you all the links. I hope this is okay. Also, if you want to make it easier to go through the fan fic rec list then if you pit them in different post by category, then that would make it easier. I did it and it works well HERE. Just a thought. If you want help organising I can help.

Her are all the recommendations:


WIPS that are going to be done:


Complete multi chapters

These two are a series:

One Shots (non smut)



The fabulous Emmy sent me this list a super long time ago while I was in the process of updating the Jily FanFiction masterlist, and I figured I could post it (instead of deleting since I’m currently working my way through my inbox) for everyone to enjoy. Emmy also runs jamesloveslilyandlilylovesjames - an awesome Jily blog which everyone should follow!

Thank you, Emmy! :)


lordofthemerkins submitted: 

Risin’ up, back on the trees,

Blogged some posts, got followers

Made pie cry,

Now I’m back on my paws,

Just a sloth and it’s will to siesta

So many times, I slept through the day

Trade your leaves for some coffee

don’t lose your grip on the mighty mustache

You must fight just to get to the pie


It’s the eye of Slothra

It’s the thrill of the art

Waiting ‘til stranger leaves

So I can shower

And the last known survivor

To the Slothpocalypse

And she’s owning us all with the

Eye of the Slothra

Face to face, out in the flat

Hangin’ tough, being pushy

I ship Destiel, she claims while flailing,

Converts you to Supernatural


Rising up, straight from perdition,

Troll Tumblr with my fishie,

Paint the fanart

Then get all the glory,

just slothra and her will to prevail


The eye of the Slothra

The eye of the Slothra

The eye of the Slothra

The eye of the Slothra