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"i literally will not shut up bout ifnt if someone mentions them" javsofnqkswj that is so me lmao (i love bts but ifnt have a special place in my heart). anyway... moving on... i really love n appreciate ur art!! thnx for blessing us with it!! :)

//aggressive tears// THANK YOU ANON!! I’m glad u like my draws gahhh

And me not shutting up bout ifnt is for real man,,,, i dont know many people who like them so every time someone mentions something about infinite to me I’m just “HELLO THERE FRIE ND LET US TAL K” and consequently scare them away like th at

End of 2016 kpop tag!

tagged by @dewylook1  thank you! 

20 fav songs 

  1. Heaven by exo
  2. One in a million by twice
  3. I am you you are me by zico
  4. Stigma by V (bts)
  5. Bonnie and clyde by dean
  6. something good by got7
  7. the seventh sense by nct- U
  8. Letting go by day6
  9. Whistle by blackpink
  10. I wish by Luna
  11. To the beautiful you by wonder girls
  12. Overcome by Nu’est
  13. all in by Monsta X
  14. 3% by Solji
  15. Only one by exid
  16. Still lonely by seventeen
  17. Monster by exo
  18. 21st century girls by bts
  19. Stand by me by woohyun
  20. Brave new world by Brown eyed girls

6 fav girl groups

  1. Exid
  2. Twice
  3. Brown eyed girls
  4. Wjsn
  5. Loona
  6. Blackpink

6 fav boy groups

  1. Got7
  2. nct
  3. seventeen
  4. bts
  5. Monsta X
  6. Day6 

album of the year

  • Street by Exid (and wings by bts…..)

mv of the year

  • I am you you are me by Zico…. :’)

solo of the year

  • Write by Woohyun 

stage of the year

  • 21st century girls was rly stage of the year 

guilty pleasure of the year 

  • Bermuda Triangle………. by dean, zico and crush

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“I am a human too!”

When he wakes up and realizes you have messed up his face with make up (strangegirlhere asked)


“This girl is so dead, how does she dares?”


*Sleepy* “Am I still dreaming?”


“Wha- what is this? This color doesn’t look good on me”


“It’s okay Howon, take it easy”.


“What is this?! This is war”.


“Did Sungyeol come here last night?”


“Ah, she is so playful. I won’t sleep again”.

INFINITE REACTION: When the ex of his girlfriend comes to her home and suddenly wants to hug and kiss her but her boyfriend (the member) is home too, and saw him


“Am I interfering in something?”


“She has a new boyfriend now, and he is not you, so keep this your tongue into your own mouth!”


“This guy…” He would think and run for you, huging you with a frown on his face. “Baby, you didn’t tell me we would have visitors.”


“Hey you, I don’t know you, what are you doing here at MY girlfriend’s house?”


“Hey, there is a way too short space between you two, move away, man!”


“Who is he, jagi?” Myungsoo would ask innocently, but still a little suspicious.


“I’m sorry, but you weren’t invited… Can you go away?”

Hello guys! ^^

~ADM Misso

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INFINITE Reaction : When you ask them to help you study

Sunggyu: “Yeah sure , I’ll help ! Since it’s an important exam , bring your books and we’ll study together alright?! I can’t promise much by the way”

Dongwoo: “aaah waee?? Do you really have to study ?! We can just lay down and cuddle?!”

Woohyun: “OFCOURSEE :D bring the books and I’ll ..”

You: “No Woohyun , I need you to help me by leaving the room , you’re distracting me”

“Eeeh , you find it hard to resist me right ? *smirk* You can’t think of anything else but me when I’m around right ? ayyy~”

Hoya:Are you sure you need me to help? Am not that useful when it comes to studies ..”


Myungsoo:  “You should take some rest first , I saw you studying the whole night , you’re not looking good right now !! You need to eat something and sleep a bit , then I promise , we’ll study together alright ? c’mon!!”

Sungjong: Naah , I’m not really good at school stuff , I’ll just sit here watching you :D”

as always, gifs are not mine. Cr. to owners

Woohyun and his tissue-issue


damn im sweaty good that i have this tissue with me it completes my soul

whoa look it stuck to me haha lmao magic

look at my tissue just look at it yeah i know *proud*

i am so awesome damn and look so fabulous thank you tissue <3 #unf

now to my head whoa amazing

honeytree are you taking pics bc yeah awesome and im so funny omfg

no what-

tissue no wait dont leave me come ba-

damn it u tissue of hell what r u doin u cant leave me lik dis


cr. Honeytree

“i just committed a crime and i need to use you as a hostage i am so sorry” au

 woohyun taking sunggyu hostage and sunggyu is whining the entire time like - 

“are you kidding me.”

“these ropes hurt”

“are we there yet?”

uggghhh i was going to sleep early tonight.”

“guess because SOMEONE robbed a bank i cant.”


woohyun then regrets his life choices