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Getting hot with Woohyun after a pool party

Scenario: getting hot and heavy with Woohyun after a pool party you both attended
Rating: super hot!
Word count: 2550

The pool party you’d been dragged along to by your friends was starting to wind down, and you were really trying to enjoy yourself. Unfortunately for you, pretty much everyone seemed to have paired up and you had quickly vacated the pool when it became some kind of make out hot spot for the newly formed couples. Grabbing a towel and a beer from one of the garden tables, you headed towards the main house and away from the loud music of the party. You’d slipped on a light kaftan to sheild from the slight chill in the nighttime air, and you were even happier with that decision as you entered the house with it’s aircon turned up high. The kitchen was empty as you walked through and you sighed, cracking open your can and taking a much needed sip. You started drying your hair with the towel lazily, feeling irritated. It would dry all weird and frizzy if you didn’t blow dry it, but you weren’t really sure where in this mansion of a house you might find a hair dryer. So you opted to just lean against the kitchen counter, drink your beer and allow your hair to do what it needed to do.

It was nearly 2am. Maybe you could get a taxi home or something? Or maybe you could just crash in one of the rooms here? Your train of though was interrupted by the arrival of someone else in the kitchen, and you turned to see who it was that had decided to vacate the fun times down at the pool. You felt the heat rise in your cheeks as soon as you saw Woohyun entering the room, still glistening wet and topless from the party. Woohyun was one of the hottest people you knew, and you always hated how shy you became around him. He was was the kind of guy who knew everyone, and you always saw him at gatherings like these. The few times you’d spoken, you felt as if you had completely mortified yourself and had become resigned to the fact that he probably thought you were a total weirdo. But he’d always referred to you as a friend, and you knew he was nice enough. He locked eyes with you, smiling. You raised your beer can in greeting, and he gave an amused laugh, turning his back to you as he opened the fridge. You cursed yourself out silently, rolling your eyes at your own behaviour. Why did you just cheers him, you moron?

There was a clink of bottles and he closed the fridge, spinning to look at you, leaning with his back to the counter in front of you. He raised an eyebrow at you, cracking open the bottle of cider in his hand and taking a long drink from it.

“So…” he said, and you tried to tear you eyes away from his insanely good body.

You were a little too late. He noticed you ogling him. And it definitely wasn’t the first time he’d noticed you looking. You felt the familiar blush on your cheeks and wished the world would swallow you up.

“You know, we hardly know anything about each other?” Woohyun said, taking another sip of his drink.

“Uh… I guess we don’t?” You shrugged, taking a drink of your beer as well.

“How about we change that.” He suggested, using his muscular arms to lift himself onto the counter. “Let’s play ‘I’ve Never’… You know it right? Where you hold up five fingers. We take it in turns to say 'I’ve never… done this’ and if we have… we fold down a finger and take a sip. The first one to lose all five fingers has to down their drink.”

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