woohooo a new tag!

contipuedo’s faves 1.0

I’m starting a favorites pages! I admire so many of the blogs I follow on here and would also like to discover some new ones! I’ll choose around 15-20 blogs once this gets a decent amount of notes (and if not I’ll delete this and cry aw).


  • must be following me
  • reblog this (likes only for bookmarking)
  • be either a fashion, black/white or minimalistic blog (although i will give other blog types a chance as well)


  • a follow from me (if i don’t already follow you, obviously)
  • a spot on the page
  • promos upon request (limit of 4 per week)
  • i’ll queue a lot from you 
  • a new friend woohooo

better chance:

  • talk to me!
  • tag a post with #contipuedo and tell me about yourself/your blog
  • reblog this more than once

Have a lovely day everybody, good luck! x