fuck it story time!

Sound Check

So that was at about 4-ish. We were sitting in the second row for the sound check. Uhm the boys came out and they sang MSBWU and Windows Down and they answered some questions. The moment they said we can ask questions, my friend’s hand shot up and Logan looked at her and smiled. In the middle of one of the songs, i started crying and Logan made eye contact with me and he smiled at me and i was like Logan dont do this to me, and then Kendall had to wipe his sweat so i saw that ab/tummy of his and i flipped shit and i think he saw us, but im not too sure.

Meet and Greet

So me and my two other friends Nairie and Tanya decided to go last so we could get time right? We were last but uhm these people won tickets from Nintendo so we had to go before them. I was surprised at how fast the line was going but i was like whatever. I made the boys beaded bracelets. James’ bracelet was red, blue, and yellow for Superman and it said XOXO JM. Logan’s bracelet was black and yellow for Batman and it said theweekenders for his liking of the Weeknd. Carlos’ bracelet was red and yellow for Iron Man and his said WAZZZZA and finally Kendall’s bracelet was blue and red for Spiderman and it said Kendizzzzle. We found the wonderful Presley Henderson at the top of the little stairs thing. She told us that we had to hand her gifts and leave our bags on the table. I didnt recognize her until i saw her little like laminate thing that said “Presley Henderson” and i was legit staring at the thing like O_O and i was like guys its Presley and we asked for a picture but she said after meet and greet. But we did get a hug then and she’s so sweet and cute. We went up to the front and i started flipping shit again and Logan saw me and my friends’ were like “Heidi calm down, relax” and so i did. Once i reached Ranel, the boys were asking for breaks and obviously we were like “please by all means go for it” and Logie went to go get water and Carlos said something to Ranel i just dont know what, but Ranel wasnt having it and made us go. I saw that Logan wasnt wearing his LA hat like the one i had because we’re hat twins and i said something like “damn it Logan” and he turned and looked at me lmao. We had decided that I was going to go first because I went last at our Fresno concert. I went up to Carlos first and gave him a hug and hes like “hey how are you?” and i was like “good you?” and hes like “good” After that it was James but Logan came up to me and I was like yes of course in my head and then i gave James a hug and right as i was going to Kendall was like Ranel “okay ladies picture” and i was like no wait and quickly hugged Kendall, i saw his little blonde chest hairs :’) i dont even know if he hugged me back and then my friend hit me in the face and i had to squish in between baby and Logan and then we took the picture and Logan’s like “sorry for partying, i like that” but i didnt even had time to process it and say “thanks look at my awesome batman belt” before Ranel kicked us out and then I found out I was the only one to hug all four boys and I was in shock honestly and i felt bad but yeah. We did get the picture with Presley, her eyes are beautifulll okay. If Logan had her eyes, id cry every day because James and Logan


i dont wanna say too much other than we were sitting in the third row right in the middle. I made eye contact with Logan like 3x and he pointed at me and gave me a smile. I had eye sex with Kendall. I dont know if Carlos saw me and i know for sure James didnt. We were also on the big screen thing and basically the whole night was amazing and im in love. They looked beautiful and if you havent gone to see them, go see them theyre totally worth it dude, theyre freaking amazinggggg! OH and James threw his towel and my two friends caught it and they were fighting over it but then she’s like “give it to Heidi” because i obviously stay for James and so James Maslow’s motherfucking sweat towel is in my house okay, im going to hang it. OH and i also met Karla and her boyfriend and theyre adorable but yes GO TO BIG TIME SUMMER TOUR BECAUSE ITS FUCKING AMAZING AND MY HEART IS RACING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. We also saw Papa Schmidt and he took pictures of us. We also saw Mama Henderson and Kevin Schmidt. Err i feel like i am forgetting something. I dont know, if you wanna ask me something, but all means enter my ask

okay im uploading my amazing picture tomorrow and a bunch of shitty ass ones along with it :) OKAY LOVE YOU


 a videooooooooooooooooo i toooooooooook on my iphone at the concert holler