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Galra Like Me
Galra Like Me

i’ve had this “Strangers Like Me” parody from Tarzan written up about Galra Keith since last summer I just never got around to actually doing it lol. i wanted to give myself 3 hours to do this tonight, but it took me 4 in the end with mixing! 

as usual, everything you hear is done by yours truly (including the backing track + arrangement). enjoy!

Does it matter where I am from?
I’m a paladin just like them.
Would things feel the way they feel right now or change? 

lyrics below:

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I Could Never Hate You // Jughead Jones

Hey can you please do a imagine with Jughead Jones where the reader is his girlfriend and comes out to him as an asexual in tears after she remembers how badly her parents reacted. Memory of parents yelling at reader for coming out and sweet fluff scene. Please and thanks.

Thank you @sarahjeanviljoen for this request. My first Jughead imagine! Woohoo! I liked writing this, it was different, but I enjoyed it. Leave thoughts please!


Being terrified was an understatement as of right now. Relationships to me where important; they were based on honesty, loyalty and trust. But, for me, what I was about to do was something that terrified me to tell my boyfriend, Jughead, a secret that I struggled to tell me own parents…

“You teenagers and your made up bullshit! That’s not even a real thing!”

“Stop talking nonsense, Y/N! Get in the real world!”

The door for Pop’s opened up, causing me to knock out of my thoughts. I sniffles, quickly wiping my eyes to look up and see my boyfriend walking towards the booth I was sitting in, confusion on his face.

‘Hey, hey,’ he slid next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulders. ‘What’s wrong? What happened?’ He soothed, pulling me to his chest.

'You’re going to hate me, Juggie. My parents already do.’ I sniffles, feeling a few more stray tears falling down my cheeks.

'I could never hate you, Y/N. if anything you should hate me.’ I shook my head, gripping onto his jacket, being for his comfort.

'Jug…I’m…I’m asexual.’ I refused to look at him in the eye, reminiscing on what my parents had said to me before I had came here…

“Asexual?! Really, Y/N? What more lies can you come up with?” My father exclaimed, whilst I sat on the couch.

I thought I could trust them to be supportive with my choice and feelings on being asexual. Apparently, I was wrong.

“You don’t understand!” I defended myself, standing up. “Can’t you respect how I feel?”

“No, because that doesn’t exist!” My mother argued back. “It’s all in your imagination! Social media’s to blame for it!”

'Y/N…look at me,’ Jughead pleaded. I shook my head, refusing to. 'Please…’ I sighed, lifting my head and staring at his face, my vision blurry due to tears that were still falling. 'I don’t care if you’re asexual or not, okay? I love you for who you are. You can come to me for anything,’ he grabbed my hands, closing his over them. He brought them up to his lips, kissing them ever so softly. 'I’ll always be here for you.’

I smiled, kissing his lips softly. I pulled away, hugging my arms around his waists and resting my head on his chest. He wrapped his own arms around me, resting his chin on top of my head.

'I could never hate you alright. Don’t you ever think that, okay?’ He whispered.

'I’m sorry.’

'Never be sorry for being yourself.’


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locis-didi  asked:

Oooooooh oki bc like violas are better u3u)b (lol I'm being a butt. At least you have a good story for your url XD)

I mean, I am also a violin teacher, and do get paid to play my violin, sooooo, I’m kinda partial. Been playing for about 11 years now! Woohoo! XD

Anyways. Yeah, I haven’t gotten to tell that story in a while. Thanks for giving me an excuse to!