woohoo the end! :d

Little Secret (Loki x Reader)

A/N: Hellooo!! This is my first request and I’m so sorry if  screwed up the story a little and if there’s any typos haha, I was rushing through this a little at the ending but yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request:  Woohoo thanks!! :D Could you do a Loki/Reader where she is an Avenger and Tony’s daughter who ends up falling in love with Loki but they have to sneak around with Thor’s help because they know the team, and Tony especially, won’t be happy about their relationship or understand that he’s trying to change and make up for his mistakes? Thanks

Warnings: Cursing (hahahahahah okay)

You flopped down on bed after taking a long shower, your wet hair soaking the sheets but you didn’t care, you had just came back from a mission and you were dead tired. Shuffling around the bed to get into a comfortable position, you closed your eyes to let sleep overtake you when a knock sounded on your door. Groaning, you ignored it and faced the other direction.

Another knock sounded again, making you sit up and glare at the door. Who would disturb you now at about almost 1 in the morning?

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