wooh success

anyway im sweaty because i just finished year one of pre-med and i was thinking like ‘yea im pre-med but im a Fucking Idiot and a Fool and ill never get into medicine anyway’ but im doing well in my classes and im volunteering at a nursing home/the local hospital n i rlly enjoy the environment like holy shit…this is a thing now…it could realistically happen….doctor gabi..im gonna faint 

So, the thing I’m currently writing is turning out to be at least three times longer than I expected it to be, and it’s taking a while, so I’m giving you this small thing while you wait.

Inspired by this, and @fenerismoon in general

On Ao3.

See, the thing about being best friends with a powerful demon was that sometimes you kind of forgot. In fact, most of the time Tyrone was really just Tyrone, and the fact that he was also Alcor was less important. And then, sometimes you read a pop science article about the role of computer viruses in the history of programming, and it hit you all over again.

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