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“Guess what came in the mail today~! :D”

*w* awesome. is there a track list?


My attempt at translations:

  1. メッセージ – The Message
  2. 攻防 – Offense and Defense
  3. 千年伯爵 <第1の使徒> – The Millennium Earl <The First Apostle>
  4. 黒の教団 <エクソシスト> – The Black Order <Exorcist>
  5. 謀略 – The Plot (T/N: could be strategy, scheme, or trick as well)
  6. 14番目の覚醒 – The 14th’s Awakening
  7. 宿命の道 – The Path of Destiny (T/N: Or fate)
  8. ハースト孤児院 – Hearst Orphanage
  9. 憑神 <ツキカミ> – Tsukikami <Tsukikami> (T/N: In Kanji then Katakana)
  10. ティモシーの騒動 – Timothy’s Rebellion (T/N: Or possibly strife, riot, or tumoil)
  11. 別れの時 – The Moment of Farewell (T/N: This one has a number of slightly different translation possibilities, but they all have the same general meaning. So I just picked one.)
  12. 仲間達との休息 – Rest with Friends
  13. 温もりに包まれて – Wrap in Warmth
  14. 神田ユウ <新バージョン> – Kanda Yuu <New Version>
  15. アルマの笑顔 – Alma’s Smile
  16. 蓮華の花 – Lotus Flowers
  17. アルマの想い – Alma’s Feelings (T/N: Possibly thoughts, desires, or wishes)
  18. 生きるために – In Order to Live
  19. 暴走するアルマ=カルマ – Rampaging Alma Karma (T/N: Not sure about this one…that’s my best guess.)
  20. 再びエクソシストへ – Once More to the Exorcists (T/N: Also my best guess)
  21. あの人 – That Person
  22. 終焉の地 <マテール> – The Place of Demise <Mater>
  23. ノアの野望 – The Designs of the Noah (T/N: Or ambitions)
  24. 戦いの中で – In the Battle
  25. 対峙 – Confrontation 
  26. AKUMAの脅威 – Threat of the Akuma (T/N: Or The Akuma’s Threat)
  27. 逆襲II – Counterattack II
  28. AKUMA襲来 – Akuma Attack
  29. 激戦II – Fierce Battle II
  30. ノアの脅威 – Threat of the Noah (T/N: Or The Noah’s Threat)
  31. 第三エクソシスト – The Third Exorcists
  32. イノセンスの光 – The Light of Innocence
  33. 幼き日の思い出 – Memories of a Childhood Day
  34. 悲しみの詩編 – Psalms of Sorrow (T/N: Pretty sure this is just an alternate title for DGM)
  35. 不穏 – Unrest
  36. 戦闘へ – To Battle
  37. 群襲II – Group Attack II (T/N: I think…)
  38. ネア – Nea
  39. ノアの断罪 – Judgment of the Noah (T/N: Or condemnation)
  40. アレン・ウォーカーII – Allen Walker II
Neighborhood Connections Part 4

A/N: This part man…wooh. This one was a doozy, but I still had a great time writing it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you @chaos-and-the-calm67 for being a wonderful beta.

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Warnings: Angst, all of it, Introduction of new unwanted characters.

Word Count: 1894

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Originally posted by lovelyembers

“We need to talk.”

“About?” Cas spit.

“Come on Castiel, don’t be like that.” They pleaded.

“What. Do you. Want?” Cas growled

“I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Okay. Talk.” Cas told them.

“Can I come in?”



“No, Hannah,” he interjected, “Talk. Right here.” Hannah sighed defeatedly.

“Alright fine. You need to come back.” She stated


“Let me finish,” she hissed, “They said they needed you to come back. They said they “need to make sure you don’t do or say anything stupid.” that would put you or the people around you in danger. If you come back you move up a branch, but if you don’t and you mess up they won’t hesitate to come and get you. They’re working with Crowley now, Castiel, I’m telling you this for your own good. You need to come back.” Was that why she texted him?

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  • Female: I like girls who *insert some personal liking*
  • Tumblr: Wooh you go girl
  • Man: I like girls who-
  • Tumblr: Excuse me how dare you sexualise women that way and put standards on them. DISGUSTING PIG UGH.