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Second Chances (m)

Word Count: 8,833

Warning: Yoongi smut

A/N: I decided to write something a little less serious for a change! The smut turned out a little longer than I expected it to, which is also why the story turned out so close to 9k :) I am so thankful for minyoongiish who proofread this entire piece <3 Hope you enjoy~

If you had the ability to turn back time, you wouldn’t even hesitate to use it in this moment.

“Y/N?” The voice on the other end of the telephone asks. “Something the matter?”

“Oh no,” you mumble. “Fuck.” With one finger, you frantically tap the screen, desperately clinging to the hope that this is still in your hands, that you can still turns this around for the better.

Jimin’s voice sounds both curious and irritated at the same time when he speaks again. “What did you do this time? Did you put your keys in the freezer again?”

You can’t even be mad at his terribly timed comment that you’d normally be very offended about. All you do is curse softly, reading the simple message you sent like it’s a death wish.

You: Hey :) [sent 11:27am]

“Jimin!“ you exclaim, and are rewarded with a startled gasp.

"Yeesh, don’t scare me like that!” He lets out a sigh. “Stop acting all mysterious and just tell me what’s going on.”

You tap the screen again, despite knowing that it won’t help now if it didn’t help last time. A nervous gasp leaves your mouth as you turn your attention to the call. “How the fuck do I delete a message?”

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Battle-Tree-Strategy Giveaway 1

As explained in my strategy 5 guide, I’ll be giving away 4 types of “Wall” pokemon for use in the Battle Tree!

They are:


LVL 100, Holding Leftovers

Levitate, 6IV,  Sassy Nature

EV set 252 SP.DEF, 252 HP,  6 SP.ATK

  • Heal Block
  • Safeguard
  • Toxic
  • Gyro Ball

Probably my favorite wall! When the turn starts, hit em with Safeguard to stop status moves, and then Heal Block to stop from recovering! Then you can get them with Bro’s other moves or switch to your main attacker!

Because of Bronzong’s Levitate, it no longer has a weakness to ground-type moves! It does, however, have weakness to Dark, Ghost, and Fire, So watch out for those!

Peanut the Gastrodon

Shiny, ♀, LVL 100, Holding a Heart Scale

Storm Drain, 6IV, Sassy Nature

EV set 252 SP.DEF, 252 HP, 6 SP.ATK

  • Toxic
  • Ice Beam
  • Recover
  • Counter

(My personal Gastrodon. Counter is an optional, crazy egg move I threw in there because its my favorite move of all time. She comes with a Heart Scale so you can change that Counter to Harden if you’d like. Ideally you would have her holding Leftovers.)

She is extremely (X4) weak to grass! Don’t let her get hit with Grass types!! She loves water, storm drain allows her to avoid all water moves expertly.

Sherman the Shuckle

♀ , LVL 100, Holding Leftovers

Sturdy, 6IV, Bold Nature

EV set 252 HP, 252 DEF, 4 SPD

  • Sticky Web
  • Encore
  • Rest
  • Toxic

Shuckle is very slow, but Sticky Web makes everybody else slower! Use it first to even the odds. Encore should only be used on a move you want to be used again.

Shuckle has the highest defense in the entire pokemon dex. Her moveset isn’t the most ideal, but she can still be a good wall, and has Toxic for stalling! Weak to Water, Steel, and Rock!


Shiny, LVL 100, Holding Leftovers

Impish, 6IV, Impish Nature

EV set 252 HP, 252 DEF, 4 SPD

  • Whirlwind
  • Swift
  • Roost
  • Spikes

One of the more common walls in a VS match, it can work here too! Set up with Spikes and stall with Roost!

Has weaknesses to Electric and Fire type moves! Be careful to watch for those!

To get these pokemon:

  • Deposit a Lotad* in the GTS (nickname it something brave!)
  • Ask for one of the above-mentioned pokemon
  • Like this post or send me an ask to let me know you deposited!
  • Welcome your new friends! ^^

You may have 1 of each! I hope you use one or two of them in your Battle Tree team! Next week will be another strategy giveaway like this, but with attackers!

*If you don’t have a Lotad, one will gladly be provided! Just ask♫

If you have been sitting in the GTS for a long time, I probably can’t find you, message me to check!!