After Ciel is turned to a demon and he lives to our days, he gets attached to eating junk food, fast food and such, only agrees to eat chicken or meat no vegetables or fruits. Sebastian finds that not healthy for his young master, even tho he doesn’t need human food, Ciel still enjoys it; so one day the butler makes a dinner of veggies and says that Ciel is not allowed to eat candy unless he ate his dinner. When Sebastian walks away, Ciel throws the food out the window and acts as if he ate it using his “demon speed” but as Sebastian starts questioning him, the doorbell rings and outside stands a man covered in food stating that Sebastian’s “son” was the culprit, before Ciel could retort about the son part Sebastian cuts him and promises the man that his son would have a proper “punishment” and Ciel gulps, knowing exactly what was about to come. The young demon didn’t know if he should’ve regretted what he did or not but the next day he sure as hell did because he wasn’t able to leave bed all day.