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I want to take a step past shows that won’t ruin your life, or merely affirm your life, and move onto a show that that a) is still airing and b) will actively make your life better.

Enter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

There are exactly two television programs that I make damn sure to neverever miss on a week-to-week basis: Homeland, which, yeah, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The latter, I watch as RX’d by choice.

Anchored by Andy Samberg, I’ve gotta say this is one of the great ensemble comedies of our time. Every single character is more interesting than the others — from Captain Ray Holt, the strict and staid leader of the precinct and founder of the African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Police Association (AAGLNYCPA for short) to Rosa Diaz, the fiery badass detective with terrifying secrets and a debilitating weakness for Nancy Meyers movies.

And let’s not forget Terry Jeffords, portrayed by Terry Crews and his muscles.

The show is funny, smart, and just all-around delightful. They broach tough subjects with sensitivity and thoughtfulness without sacrificing hilarity. Every season seems to end with the characters in a more horrible situation than the last, and yet you still want more.

Plus, there’s romance! Happy love romance! Friendship! Family! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY SHOW.

Also, in case you need more convincing…

  • Jace: Dog goes "woof".Cat goes "meow"
  • Bird goes "tweet".And mouse goes "squeek"
  • Alec: Oh God, please no....
  • Simon: Cow goes "moo". Frog goes "croak"
  • And the elephant goes "toot"
  • Clary: Ducks say "quack". And fish go "blub"
  • And the seal goes "ow ow ow"
  • Isabelle: But there's one sound. That no one knows.
  • Alec: Magnus, please stop them!!
  • Magnus: What does the fox say?
  • Jace, Simon, Clary, Isabelle, Magnus: "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!
  • Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!
  • Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!"
  • Alec: *facepalm*


Being a vet tech has destroyed my looks on potential friends. I see some people come in and I’m like hmm I could be friends with them then I see we haven’t seen their animal in 4 years and they are bleeding when they urinate and that has been going on for 3 months. After all that I don’t really want to be friends with them.

If you cant afford the Vet you can’t afford the Pet.