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ew tyrion? no! the hound? yes! bran had a vision about the hound protecting sansa! so maybe a love triangle between sansa x the hound x arya. because i think tyrion is already in love with dany. they will restore the seven kingdoms like aerys and tywin.

Why ew Tyrion? 

In terms of morally dubious ‘good’ guys, they’re both kind of the same, except Tyrion has killed less people. 

Also, a love triangle between Sansa, the Hound and Arya? Pardon me but what the actual fuck? I’m sorry. That’s rude, but seriously though. Arya would never let anyone come in between her and her family, especially if it’s for ‘romance’. That’s not something she’s ever placed much stock in anyways, and even if she did, I think when you lose half of your family, you’re really not going to risk losing even more over something like that. 

Same goes for Sansa. 

Creating a love triangle between Sansa, Arya and anyone is quite frankly the biggest disservice they could do to both women. Love triangles, in general, tend to be really contrived plotlines. Sansa and Arya have lost far too much to throw it all away for any man. 

As for the other thing, I think Tyrion is simultaneously attracted to and enamoured by Dany, as well as terrified of her, of the lengths she will go with her dragons and army to sit on the Iron Throne. Romance between them? Unlikely in my opinion. 

Also, I really doubt the Iron Throne survives the story. And I really doubt Dany is going to be the one to ‘restore’ the Seven Kingdoms. Like I said in a previous post about her progression, Dany is a conqueror, a colonist – and well, a happy ending for colonialism may be one of the most problematic endings GRRM could choose. 

“Winter is here…” Really excited for GoT S7!!

A once in a blue moon own post!! It’s been literally years since I did any digital art; the last one I did was when Sherlock season 2 came out (and you know how long ago THAT was)

Because I’m a weirdo, I decided to do an angle that I’ve never done before. I still don’t know if I did it right, but meh whatever, I’ll get it right some day.

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Jon doesn't have to spend rest of his life at WF but the North is his home and place to be. Most likely his Stark family will need him after the war,their homeland will be destroyed. Not Dragonstone or King's Landing or is it just because he can be with Daenerys? Jon would never be happy anywehere else than the North, same as Ned, Arya, Sansa.

Hi anon,

You know Ned spent most of his childhood at the Vale where he was fostered and he has very fond memories of his time there. In many ways he probably takes after Jon Aeryn more than his own father. Arya and Sansa have both live South and Arya has even lived in Braavos. It was not easy and sometimes quite terrible for the two of them given the circumstances that let where they were. 

My point is that they have at least gotten to experience a world outside of the North, for Ned is was a good experience for his daughters not so much. But they know a world outside of their own. Jon has never gotten to experience a world outside of the North outside of its culture. Why shouldn’t he experience that? 

How can you say he wouldn’t be happy if he’s never experienced it. You have to try something before you can say you don’t like it. Who know’s he might actually like it, you know he was born in the South. 

Also, a lot of people want Jon to be Kong of Westeros, if he is he’ll be responsible for everyone in Westeros not just the North and he would have to be a lot more centrally located in order to rule such a large country. He might want to retire in the North, if he lives that long, but he should be allowed to experience a world outside of that. 


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If Dany walking through fire twice takes away it's symbolism, shouldn't the same apply to Jon considering Beric Dondarrion has come back to life almost a dozen times including one time the audience saw it for themselves? It might be new to Jon and the North in story but not to Melisandre or the audience

I suppose you’re not wrong there.

But Melisandre didn’t resurrect Beric all those times. It was Thoros of Myr, so to Melisandre, it is actually quite new. She may have seen Beric for herself, but she’s never resurrected anyone. 

I think if you wanted to argue against the symbolism of Jon’s resurrection, your point makes a pretty good case. However, his resurrection, even in spite of Beric’s existence, was powerful for us to see for several reasons. 

1) It’s Jon Snow. Simple but true. He’s a main character and we’ve been invested in his journey from Day 1. We don’t know anything about Beric, not in the same way we do Jon. When he died, that was an emotional moment for many people, and to see him resurrected, the only person to be so in the Stark family (show-verse – I’m talking about the show-verse here) was a victory for the ‘good guys’. It’s important and powerful. 

2) Beric has been resurrected six times. Each time chips away at who he is. He has losses in memory, etcetc. For him, it’s lost its meaning. What significance his first resurrection might have held has been diminished by the sheer quantity of it. In comparison, Jon’s resurrection still holds power and symbolic significance, but were he to die a second time and be resurrected a second time, it would lose it too. 

3) Beric died in battle or was executed for treason. Jon died for doing the right thing. He was betrayed by his own brothers. He made that ‘sacrificial’ act of choosing honour and the morally just path over his own personal welfare. Granted, he didn’t know he would be betrayed like that, but he knew he would be met with opposition in one form or another. He did it anyway. The nature of his death is important and that is what makes his resurrection even more important. 

4) Jon looks really hot naked on a table. 

So I mean you can argue either way if you want to, but this is just what I believe. Other people are sure to have other opinions on the matter, but having a main character resurrected after being betrayed by his brothers is probably the single most heavy-handed trope in religious and mythological stories. 

I live in a porcelain world
A world built on porcelain love
A love that most dream of
A love that most dream for me
But a love that I have never dreamed for myself

Porcelain love is a weak love
A love based on first glances
And political arrangements
And duty above all else

It turns women like me into china dolls
To trophies sat high on a shelf
To things that are nice to look at
To objects of pleasure and little else

And when they crack
When time and circumstance finally break them to pieces
Or when they think that they could be something better
Something stronger and far more powerful
The world condemns them and tells them they no longer have worth

Porcelain love is a weak love
And I have never been weak

When I was young my father told me the life he dreamed I’d have
A porcelain life in a porcelain world with a porcelain love
A love based on first glances
And political arrangements
And duty above all else

I was young when my father told me his dream
And I did not know the kind of love I sought
Nor that I wanted love at all
I only knew that it was not the love he saw for me

Porcelain love is a weak love
And I have never been weak

I told him something different then
But if I could see him now I would tell him this:
I do not want a porcelain love
If a love like steel exists


“A Love Like Steel,” by @as-inevitable-as-morning

Inspired by the conversation between Ned and Arya back in season 1 of Game of Thrones

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I feel robbed by the show. The way dany left Meereen was so rushed. I would have loved to see her rebuilding a bit before she just boarded a ship and said goodbye to daario. I feel like little things like this maybe why show watchers feel dany is a bad person, while I know she would have done more before leaving, all we needed was one scene showing her good will.

Hello anon.

I agree with you, I know Meereen wan’t the best of storylines to put it mildly but it should have had a better resolution. We can deduce from the little information that was given to us that elections where setup and a functioning government was put in place in order to accommodate these election. But I think seeing briefly how a ruling council was left in place, preparations for an election and how the security of Meereen was setup would have been better and more appropriate way to close out on Meereen. Instead of everything worked itself out after the bad guys were disposed of. 

If we want a proper resolution to this arc we’ll have to wait until the books. I can’t imagine GRRM departing Meereen without letting us know what will be done to ensure the continue freedom and safety of the people there. At least so that the freedmen can have a foundation from which to build their new lives. After that it’s up to them. 



“I am Daenerys Stormborn, of House Targaryen. Rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. I am the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, and Breaker of Chains. The Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen.”

“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, and your wrath upon this world is over." 

"I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.”