The History of Essos 6/11: The Foundation of Braavos

The free city of Braavos was founded by escaped slaves, fleeing the grasp of the Valyrian Freehold. The slaves rebelled on their way from Valyria to a new colony in Sothoryos, took control of the ships, and turned north instead of south, travelling as far as they could. According to the histories of Braavos, it was a group of slave women from the lands of Jogos Nhai, the moonsingers, who predicted where shelter could be found. Thus, the slaves travelled to the distant lagoon, hidden away from sight of the dragonlords by the wall of hills covered with pine trees and the fog covering the lagoon. The founders of Braavos had risked their lives for freedom, and swore a vow that no one in their city would ever be a slave, thrall, or bondsman. This vow became the First Law of Braavos, and is engraved on the arch spanning the Long Canal. The existence of the city was a secret for a century.

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88 & Robb Stark

Robb Stark - Garland

“Robb!” You walked into the great hall and shook your head when you noticed the eldest Stark son. “What happened to you?“ 

"I tried to decorate the Christmas tree.” Robb turned around. His hair was a mess and a garland was tangled around his body. “I’m obviously not very good at it.”

“It depends.” You walked towards him and you placed your hands on his chest. “If you were the Christmas tree you did a pretty great job.”

“Well, I’m not the Christmas tree.” Robb blushed, his arms were stuck and he was clearly feeling more than just a little uncomfortable. “I think I’m not the Christmas tree at least.”

You smiled and you slowly started to untangle the garland. “You’d be a very handsome Christmas tree, but I have a better job for you this Christmas." 

"O?” Robb wrapped his arms around your waist as soon as you had freed them and he pulled you closer towards him. “What kind of job?”

“I was thinking about my personal teddybear.” You tapped the tip of his nose and cocked your head slightly. “After all, Winter is Coming.” You leaned towards him and pressed your lips to his.

“Yes, Winter is Coming.” Robb smiled into your kiss and his hands rubbed your back. “But I’ll keep you warm. I promise I’ll make a very handsome teddybear." 

"I know you’ll do.”