the wolf [jon snow] [ch.2]

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franchise: game of thrones

pairing: jon snow/reader

characters: reader, jon snow, samwell tarly, some recruits (main occurring ones); alliser thorne

warnings: some cussing words, minor violence, bullying

word count: 2967

a/n: female pronouns used. also, who else is a fan of slow-burn love stories?? because this is one of those. a veery slow burn.

chapter index: first chapter || next chapter

tags: @siriuslyharry | @tedpicklez | @redeyed-winchester [send me a message if you want to be tagged, too]

summary: the reader, while disguised as a man, joins the night’s watch as there is no other place she can escape to. fortunately, she possesses an abundance of (inhuman?) strength and other skills to pass as a man. unfortunately, there is a certain bastard’s direwolf who cannot stop growling at her. that, of course, piques the owner’s interest.

“Aye, wake up! Training starts soon.”

You open your eyes to see one of the other recruits leaning over you, his bad morning breath hitting your face. And… is that eggs you smell? You quickly rise up from your lying position to discover that he and most others are already dressed in their ‘formal’ attire.

The recruit notices you observing them and starts laughing.“Ah, right, forgot to wake ya earlier. Breakfast’s over.”

A very furious huff escapes your nose as he saunters off, his laughter still audible when he’s already exited the chambers.

Before you can fully contemplate the idea of revenge, someone speaks up from a few hammocks away from you.

“Hey, boy.”

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