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Sexual preferences for ::cough, cough:: Benny.

I think he’s my second 10′s across the board tonight. I’m fairly certain that I was more than likely a Benny girl before Gadreel walked his sexy ass onto the screen, but eh, semantics. 

He’s got the best of both worlds, sometimes he’s gentle, other times he’s rougher than rough. Honey child, he’s got this balance on lock, and always is ready to be the rough (or gentle) man you need, all you need to do is ask. 

He’s a pretty big fella, wide and tall, with these bigs hand and that big old – oh wow that’s his dick, ok woof. He’s got a little over an average length cock, 6.7 inches (Realize that your yaya is only 7 inches deep, pals) but the girth is what makes me say “uhhh nana nana”. It’s one of those cocks that stretch you so much that you’re praying to the lord that this thickness does not ruin any other man for you. It’s that type of thick that makes your mouth hang open, your eyes roll back, your spine do a lil tingle tingle as he pushes into you. 

And as you’re gripping the sheets for dear life, he leans down to your ear, and whispers in that whiskey dipped voice, “Cher, that’s only the tip. Ya sure ya can take the whole thing?” And after a silent apology to your vagina, you tell him to go deep (So deep, so deep, he puts your ass to sleep)

Before I get to his stroke game, we’ll go to his head game. 

Benny, ma dear, your tongue was gifted to us by god himself. God said let there be light, and shortly after said let there be a vampirate with a magical tongue. 

It’s his tongue, his lips, the way his beard scratches at your thighs, the way his hands hold you to the bed, refusing to let you arch up as he makes you purr his name. 

But, as a grown ass man, he wants you to sit on his fucking face. He wants you grinding down against his tongue, squeezing your thighs around his head and screaming his name. Then again, he’s always enjoyed dinner and a show. 

He’s going to treat you like you were his favorite dessert, licking the plate clean. And oh, he might even beg for you to let him between your thighs at that “special” time of month (And as with most period suffering pals, the libido increases around this time, so, ya know, lay down that towel – also orgasms are good for cramps!)

His stroke game is…phenomenal. His hips are steady, he’s smooth as hell with his strokes. Fast or slow, there’s this perfection in the way he fucks you that makes him prime real estate in the sac. And sometimes, if you poke at him juuuust right, he’ll fuck you hard and fast, hand around your throat, and his special way of dirty talking you that really just seems to be poems about your pumpum.

The one downside I can see is that he’s old fashioned, kinks make no since to him. “Tie you up? Smack your what? Cher, if ya wanna get beat up, go on a hunt.” But hell, the sex is so good that this doesn’t effect shit tbh

10/10 over all, 10/10 stroke game, 10.5/10 head game, personally he’s… *loving sigh* 10.5/10 

🐾 woof.  sorry for the brief absence guys.~ felt like shit on Mother’s Day (which sucked because I wanted to do something special on my blogs for it and spend time with my mom as well, but… I felt like a train had run over me the whole day.)

then I figured it would be a good idea to take a break and giving myself a chance to “refresh”, since I do tend to spend a lot of time on the computer, and constantly trying to push myself to write or be productive can have the opposite effect… so I decided to play Persona 5 for those days and made some nice progress.~

now to go through new followers’ blogs and do replies!

WoT3 universe drabble;

Bc @corn-chip-dave + others want some alternate RL love.. It’s short and probably not what you were envisioning at all but I still hope this is okay :)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Riley smiles after Maya as she chases Auggie, thinking she’s being intimidating but really Riley could see the blonde slotting into her family quite comfortably.

Riley turns her gaze back to the brooding cowboy, they both grow sheepish under each other’s stares but moments later they find one another’s eyes again, holding the look for a moment.

Riley nudges her head towards the bench seat by the stairs. Lucas stands there staring at her goofy motioning. Riley steps around Lucas and sits on the seat beside the skeleton all the while never breaking her stare with the boy. He even follows her by turning his body as she moves, not even aware of his actions more like an unexplainable gravitational pull. Riley sits with her hands in her lap still gazing up at Lucas, she pats the seat and invites him to join her. At first he seems reluctant but is next to her within the minute.

“I’ve been thinking about the story you told me,” Riley opens, “The one about the sheep and the wolves.”

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Can’t Be Friends (Part 8)

(Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)  (Part 4)  (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

Group: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Fluff

“You know, when guys say that girls are ‘light as a feather’, they’re just trying to impress them. You aren’t really feather-light” Taehyung complained. You laughed and held yourself tighter to his back. He stopped walking and jumped up a little, hoisting your thighs back around his hips. A friendly little racing wager for ice cream had ended with you on the ground and pain shooting through your ankle. It had subsided after a few minutes but Taehyung had insisted that you get on his back.

“I could always get down” you smiled.

Taehyung just kept walking toward the ice cream shop with you hanging on to him.

“We’re almost there. I’ll be fine” he said, moving a little faster. You could see the little shop and smiled. For an idol, you spent A LOT of time in this fattening place.

Taehyung trudged on until he finally made it to the front door. He pushed it open and found a table for you to sit down. “Put your foot up” he said, patting his thigh. You did as he said and he slid your pant leg up a little bit. His fingers turned your ankle gently as he examined it from different angles. It was a little bruised but there wasn’t any swelling or anything.

“You don’t feel the pain anymore?” he asked, looking at you.

“No, Doctor Kim” you said, mocking him.

He rolled his eyes and absentmindedly massaged your ankle. “Well, it isn’t a good date until one of us gets hurt” he smiled.

“Then you’re doing an excellent job.”

You smiled, looking down at his hands as they lightly rubbed your ankle. Tae looked behind him to the counter and squinted his eyes as he looked at the bright menu. There was a small girl with a ponytail assisting customers, her red and white striped uniform reminding him of a candy-cane. He smiled and turned back to you. “You want your regular?” he asked. You nodded with a smile as he placed your foot back on the ground.

He hopped up from his seat and walked over to the counter. Since this morning, you’d been with Tae. You ate breakfast together

Watched some movies together

Ate lunch together

Went to the park together

A date with him was a day with him. You weren’t complaining, of course. You loved being with him. It was just weird how awesome life seemed when you were together. It felt like everything was the same as it had always been. It didn’t feel like you’d been arguing lately and avoiding each other. In fact, considering that you knew that he had feelings for you too now, it felt even better being with him.

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Family | Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Fluff.

Words: 1,400

Request: A dean and reader where they get into an argument after a hunt and deans says something, totally tearing her heart out, she slaps him (I changed it to a punch) and runs away and there’s a storm outside. They (ends up just being Dean) search for her and finally find her soaked and sick? Thanks I couldn’t figure out how to write this! So I am giving it to you! 😘 thanks sweetheart - by @msimpala67

A/N: This is my first time writing Dean so I do apologise if it seems a little OOC but I do try the best that I can when it comes to writing characters as they are in the show! plus, it’s fanfic ahah. Also this is my first ever request so since today I’ve been coming up with scenarios myself, I really did try my best.

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

You never thought that you would be living and hunting with the Winchester’s. It was true that hunting ran in your family and you had always been destined for a hunters lifestyle but you never once imagined that that hunters lifestyle would make you come into connect, and eventually, very good friends with the Winchester boys. 

They were both different from each other but that’s what made them strong, united but most of all, loyal. They may have been brothers but you had been a hunter for a long time and you had seen how families could turn their backs against their own, just as your mother did to your father. Both of your parents were kind people but you had always known that your mother wanted rid of this life. She didn’t want this, hunting monsters that normal people thought to be myths or stories that were told around the fire. You had seen it coming before it did eventually happen, you had not seen your father nor your mother since that day and that’s when you decided upon going alone. 

Until you met the Winchester’s.

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Amy’s turning into such a cutiepie goofball, and Ludey’s turned into an adorable evil nerd…Somebody help me before they kill me with cuteness.

…Ludey’s annoyed face (the one in the middle), his “WTF” face, and his “ACK!” face are my favorites. I tried to push them to an exaggerated expression and they just turned out hilarious~ (I don’t like his scared look. And his nose looks weird in that one…Y DO U HAVE A VOLDEMORT NOSE ON THAT ONE, LUDEY?)

(Oh hi there. I’m woofing again in New Zealand’s most haunted city because I’m running out of funds fast, so YAAAAY MORE TIME FOR ARTS AGAIN WHILE JOB-HUNTING. :D )

Woof (Harry Styles imagine)

3. “We should get a dog.” “Absolutely not.”

“We should get a dog.” You suggested out of nowhere.

Currently, you and Harry were cuddling on the sofa. You were supposed to be watching a film together but your brain was drifting elsewhere.

Harry had only just recently got back from his travels for the holidays. You had missed him so much, you didn’t want him to leave again. After all, it was his hiatus and he had promised to spend more time with you. Unfortunately filming Dunkirk, recording new songs and LA took up most of his time.

You were lonely.

You didn’t want Harry to stop what he was doing; he was achieving his dreams. You couldn’t be more proud of what he was doing. Him being away 300 days out of the year though put a strain on your relationship and emotions.

“Absolutely not” Harry replied instantly, not even giving the subject much thought.

“And why not?” You interrogated.

Harry bent his head in an awkward position in an attempt to get a look at you from the crook of his neck. You moved your hand up from where it had previously rested on his chest to play with short tufts of his hair, awaiting his answer.

“I don’t know, I just don’t think a dog would fit in with our hectic lifestyle.” He explained. “Why do you even wann’ dog? You never said anything about wanting one before”.

“Dogs are cute” you murmured into his neck, placing a kiss on what you knew was his soft spot in hopes of softening him up to the idea.

You didn’t want to get into the details on why you wanted one. Sure, you wanted a dog because they’re cute and man’s best friend and all, but you also wanted one to combat the loneliness you felt when Harry is gone. You knew bringing this up to Harry would only make him feel guilty.

“You need a better reason than that, ‘etal” he whispered back comfortingly, as a way to softly let you down.

“Well, dogs are great. They’re so loyal and adorable, I just really want one. Please, Harry, you won’t regret getting one. I promise you that.” You pleaded.

“Something tells me there’s more to all of this than dogs just being adorable” Harry sighed.

You both stayed silent for a while whilst watching the film. Harry pecked small kisses across your hairline. Although the film seemed somewhat interesting, you couldn’t keep the dog situation out of your mind.

“Dogs are protective” you murmured. “They’re loving and will make you happy. They’ll keep you company too”.

“Okay, that’s it. Tell me where all of this is coming from” Harry sighed in frustration.

“It’s just-“ you didn’t really know how to put it without making him feel bad. “I suppose I get lonely while you aren’t here, a dog would help ease the loneliness” you finally admitted.

You couldn’t see Harry’s face but you just knew there would be a pretty, little frown situated on his face. A sudden rush of guilt came over you as you never intended to make Harry feel bad.

“I’m sorry” He uttered in remorse.

“Harry, don’t be like that.”

“I can’t help it if I was a normal person I would be able to give you everything. But I’m not-“

With that, you sat up from your place on his chest and cut his stupid speech off.

“Harry, shut up. I love you for you, I would never wish for you to be a ‘normal person’.” You mocked as you went on with your speech. “You mean the world to me and it makes me so happy that you’re achieving all of your dreams. I am so unbelievably proud of you”.

There was a moment of silence before Harry replied.

“I’ll get you that dog”

“Really?” You asked in surprise.

You only received a nod and a small smile off of Harry to confirm it.

“Are you sure?”

You couldn’t help that you felt as if you were pressuring Harry into this.

“Yes! I’m sure, gosh woman.” He laughed. “So, what type of dog would you like?”.


Two days later, you were sat at home waiting for Harry to get home from the studio. You thought that maybe you two could go out tonight; it’s been a while since you’ve both been on a date.

A text from Harry signaled that he’d be home late, instantly ruining your plans. He was supposed to be home at six. He never gave you a time for how late he would be. Hopefully, he would bring food home, though.

An hour or so later and you were fuming. You never thought he’d be this late.

You were just about to pull your phone out to call him when you heard the front door open. Suddenly the tapping of claws on hardwood floor filled the room. You turned the corner in the hallway to be greeted by an adorable, little dog.

“This was the breed you wanted, right?” Harry spoke as he watched the creature bound forward to you.

Harry’s face held a smug smile, he knew he had done well. He was staring at you with such admiration in his eyes. His favourite part of you was your smile and he watched as your cheeks began to hurt from the happiness running through you.

“You know it is, you dork” you beamed with a bright smile.

“Just making sure” Harry replied. “So, what’re you going to name him?”.

“Harry! You can’t just spring that question on me. You haven’t given me time to prepare. He’s going to be our child now, we need to put thought into his name and-“.

Harry cut you off with a kiss.

“I think you need to slow down there, petal” he laughed. “You have all the time in the world to name him”.

“Do you have any ideas, though?”.

“Yeah, I was thinking maybe woof. It’s a pretty gender-fluid name, so ya know - we ain’t pushing any genders on our child. Also, I think it would just be amazing to call him ‘woof’ in the park so people would look at us as if we’re stupid. Also-“.

“Oh my God, you’re so lame”

[ A/N : I hope you enjoyed, I’m very slowly getting through all of the requests. My last piece did so well so I hope you enjoy this one too. You can leave me feedback in my ask if you want, just so you know ]

[This fic was requested anonymously, I hope you all enjoy it! I tried to capture Harley’s tone in the animated series with elements from SS]

 I lay curled up in bed with my laptop on my chest and a box of chocolates beside me. I hadn’t been myself as of late and I wasn’t sure why. I just felt like somethin’ was missin’ ya know? It was like when you’re depressed for no reason, you know somethings gotta be buggin’ ya but you just can’t place what brought ya down.
 With a sigh I shoved my laptop off to the side and pulled the blanket over my head. I heard a snarl and I had no time to move before a crushing weight landed on my stomach, and something landed on my head. What the fuck? I shoved at whatever it was until I could yank the blanket out of the way. Tears welled up in my eyes almost instantly.
 “BABIES!!!!” I shrieked, laughing uncontrollably as they lapped at my face and jumped all over me.
 I scratched my hyena babies behind the ears, crawling around them as I began a thorough inspection to make sure they were just as I had left them. Oh god, I had missed them so much. With everything that has been going on it has been hard to even pay my babies a thought but that yearning for them to be returned to me was always there. Mister J didn’t think they took priority and part of me could understand, another part shunned the very idea.
 “Was that big old man mean to you? Look at you both, you’re so thin!”
 I had my face buried in their coarse fur when I heard a grunt. Glancing over at the door I noticed a few droplets of blood on the tile but Mister J wasn’t there.
 “If you darlings hurt Puddin’, you’re in big trouble… just not today,” I warned and they sat down on the bed with what I thought to be smiles on their faces.
 “Now you two stay here, mommy has to go check on Mister J.”
 They immediately laid down and I grabbed the med-kit before padding into the living room. Mister J sat on the leather sofa, his shirt and suit jacket had been discarded and blood spilled from a bullet wound on his shoulder.
 “Mister J?”
 He didn’t open his eyes, he simply grunted and I moved to him. Examining the wound I grabbed the disinfectant and cleaned the wound. He didn’t make a sound, he didn’t even acknowledge me, but I was as happy as can be. Removing the bullet I began my work on stitching up the wound, it was only then when he spoke.
 “No gratitude?”
 “I’m very grateful Mister J, how did you get my babies back?” I asked, and he turned his head to look at me.
 “I have my ways,” he purred.
 “Tell me, please,”
 He shrugged, “Frost found out where ole’ Crabs was hiding them. They were half mad with hunger but we got them a snack,” he finished with a laugh before tossing his phone into my lap.
 I looked down and saw a picture of Mister J grinning as my babies played tug of war with Crabs.
 “Serves that mean old man right,” I grumbled, cutting the thread and bandaging his arm.
 “Who shot you?” I finally thought to ask.
 “His son, I’m afraid he was real torn up about it afterwards.”
 I smiled, looking at him for a long time until he made an annoyed noise and grunted a, “What?”
 “Thank you, Puddin’,” I threw my arms around him and gave him a kiss.
 “I might have to chain you up like a dog for all the trouble you’ve put me through today,” he growled and I snapped my teeth at him.
 “Oh, that’s it,”
 I squealed, running away from him and I called to my babies. They came to my aid in seconds.
 “Back off Puddin’, or they’ll lick you to death,” I warned.
 His eyes narrowed, “Do it and you’ll be chained to the bed for a week,”
 I smirked, “Give daddy kisses, babies,”
 They dove on him, licking him as he hit the ground cursing and pushing at them. I giggled, twirling around.
 “I’ll grab my collar, woof, woof!” I giggled again, skipping toward the bedroom.
  I feel better, my family is all together again, and Mister J is going to punish me good for this.

[Short and sweet, I hope you all liked it xoxo]

Hired To Kill - Requested (Calum)

Anon asked: Could you maybe do one where you were hired to kill Calum but falls in love with him and can’t?

Hope it’s what you wanted!


“Hi”, you smile and put the box back down on in the moving car.

“Are you new in the building”

“Yes. Four B”

“No way! I’m four A. Calum”, he reaches his hand. You take it and shake it.

“(Y/N). Nice to meet you”

“Need some help?”

“Are you offering?”

“Yeah, if you need any”

“Thanks”, you both pick up a box and carry it up. You open your door and quickly put the box down because Basil comes running to you. “Hey boy”, you kneel down and give him a little stroke.

“Who are you?”, Calum laughs as Basil jumps up at him.

“This is Basil, my little Pomeranian”

“He is so soft. A giant white fluff ball”

“Oh and that’s Tadge”, Calum looks to the side of him. Your giant Malinois shepherd crept up on him. He backs up a bit, clearly a little scared by your big dog. But Tadge just sniffles a bit, so Calum starts patting him.

“He likes you”

“I like him too. Looks scarier than he is”, you continue bringing boxes up with Calum’s help. Box by box, the van gets empty and your apartment filled.

“Hey Calum, thanks for your help”, you say as he puts the final box down.

“Glad I could help and what are neighbors for”, he smiles and steps back into the hallway. “I’ll leave you now, so you can settle in”

“Thanks again, I’m glad you’re my neighbor”

“Hey guys”, you look to the stairs where three guys climb the last step. “These are my friends Ashton, Michael and Luke”, you give them your sweetest smile. “Guys this is (Y/N), my new neighbor”

“Be careful with this one. Look out he doesn’t sneak in, in the middle of the night”, Michael jokes making you laugh.

“Okay we’re going to rehearsals, before you guys make this even more awkward for me”

“Rehearsals?”, you ask interested.

“We’re in a band”, Ashton enlightens you.

“Oh cool”

“Nah, we kinda suck”, Luke says with a serious face, making the others laugh.

“You know how to sell yourself”

“We’re playing a show tomorrow, you’re welcome to come and take look”, Calum says, pushing to guys to the stairs again.

“I’ll be there”

“Great, have a good night”

“You too”, you close your door and start unpacking.


“Ahh”, you plop down on your couch, Basil immediately jumps on your laps. “What a day hay”

“Woof”, he talks back.

“How are we going to do this boy? They asked for a clean job”, normally you go in and out and the job is done. All you need is one shot and they are out, nothing leads to you. You’re the best in the field. If they need a hitman, the come to you. First they’re a bit chocked that you’re so young and a girl, but you have a reputation for being the best. But this time the task is a bit unlike to your normal jobs, they want you to do it differently. “It can’t look like a murder. Self-harm? What you think?” he just looks at you with big puppy eyes. “Yeah I don’t think so either. He looks like’s he’s in a good place, he has friends, a carrier. Nobody would believe it. Tadge? What do you think, poison?”


“Exactly what I was thinking. Great minds think alike”, you laugh giving him a cuddle.


You zone out. Why does anybody want him dead? You think by yourself. He’s such a nice guy. You bumped into each other earlier that day and again you talked for a bit. He clearly is very close to his bandmates, you just can tell they are best friends. He’s good at what he does. You follow his movements on stage. His muscles twitching, his fingers working the strings of his bass. You can feel a nudge in your stomach.  Normally you don’t have any feelings regarding your job. You just do it. You kill them like your heart is cold as ice. You have no guilt or sadness. But then you kill murderers, drug lords, child molesters or traffickers, all round bad people. But Calum, he has a good heart. I need to do this quick and get it over with. I’m hired to kill and that’s what I need to do, you think snapping out of your thought, starting listening to the music again.


“Hey! Come in”, he presses his lips on your cheek and you feel it heat up.

“Hey, sorry I just left yesterday after your show, but I had another appointment”, you think back to your shot from yesterday, right into the heart.

“That’s fine”

“I brought some beer”, you close the door behind you and hold up the six-pack. You both sit down on the couch and open a beer.

“My sister is coming tomorrow”

“You have a sister?”

“Yeah, Mali. We’re going to try to figure out what we’re going to do for our parents anniversary. I’m glad she’s coming, missed her so much”

“You have a good relationship with her?”

“The best. Do you have any siblings?”

“No. I’m all alone”, you take a sip. “I was adopted, I don’t know my real parents. My adopt parents died in a car crash when I was sixteen and there was no other family”, you take another sip. “The crash was caused by the police, the were chasing a gang”

“I’m sorry”, he strokes your arm.

“I never told somebody that before”

“I’m glad you told me. That you trust me with it”

“Let’s talk some happy stuff”, you smile opening another beer for both of you. You’re not sure what came over you. Obvious he’s a good looking guy, no doubt there. But you also have a deeper connection with him, you feel like you trust him, a feeling you never had with anybody before.

You talk and talk, discussing everything and nothing. You feel yourself becoming more and more lost into Calum, the way his eyes lock with yours. The way his lips call you to press yours on them. The way his arms look strong, strong enough to hold and protect you. “It’s late, I better go find my bed”

“Yeah me too. Come over tomorrow, so you can meet my sister”

“I would love to. Night”

He moves closer to you, your heart starts beating faster. He stops when your lips just not touch. “Night”, he says and his lips brush yours. He then leans forward so your lips fully touch. He kisses you and you kiss him back. You want more, but you control yourself and pull back.

“Sweet dreams Calum” , you go back to your apartment. You pack a bag as quickly as you can. “Come on boys”, you put their collars on and attach the leash. You then grab a piece of paper:

Dear Calum

I don’t know how to write this, but I have to. I’m not the person you think I am and for that I need to leave. You need to be careful, somebody is after your life. Please watch yourself.

Love (Y/N)

You fold the paper, take your stuff and the dogs. “I think I could’ve really loved you”, you whisper to Calum’s door. You press your lips on the paper and slid it under the door. “Come on boys, we need to go”, you say to the dogs and walk out of the building.


Part 2

theodorearthurroberts  asked:

I have a lot of things to do today, and it makes me really tired and exhausted. Could you please post a happiest picture of your woofs to give me a push today? Have a nice day to you and the lovely pack.

It’s hard to find a “Happiest” photo of them because they always look happy. But here’s one where they’re crowding the camera cuz they’re so happy, and they hope you have a nice day as well :D

anonymous asked:

I'm a teenager who is terrified of growing up. So many big things are happening around me (friend came out as trans, friends losing their virginities, friends getting their first jobs/graduating) and I feel like a child and I think this "growing up" thing is terrifying. Please help.

Woof woof! Corgi will tell you a little secret about growing up that Corgi found out a while ago.

Nobody knows what they’re doing and everybody is afraid

That’s right! There’s no handbook teaching you how to grow up, it’s a process only you will be able to cope with in your own due time. Don’t feel rushed! Pushing yourself to grow up will only be worse in the future, take your time and enjoy yourself.

Things always seem very scary though, and Corgi will tell you that it looks scary at first, but you get the hang of it.

If you want to get a head start on “grown up things to do” though, here’s a masterpost of things you should know as an adult (these are very helpful for your future) and a youtube dedicated on how to adult.