woof baby!


Tuesday’s Tush

Split Squats And Squats Work A Body Well!

Tap That Keg!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Smack It Or Tap it

Tap That Keg For Me!

And You…

Would You Smack It Or Tap It??


Cardio Man In Tights

Carrot And Stick Approach For Me!

Sexy AS Hell, Baby!

gay vamps who know its a physical impossibility to have chidren ofc and even tho they’ve been married for 500+ years and are content w/ the no kids lifestyle, they still sorta yearn and hope for children like, they would really really love some

but bc the practice of turning children into vampires is immoral / forbidden in the Vampire Code, they do the best thing - adoption ofc!!!

but outta some fluke, they’re not adopting vampire children or human children no, gay vampires who actually adopt werewolf children and help raise them!!!

im considering the idea of these two, centuries old vampires having this big ole house and a lot of wolfy children living w/ them and learning to adapt w/ these werewolves and how they are - it’s adorable too, bc when the kids are shifting and changing into wolves a lot of ppl ask “uuuhhh why do you have five wolves??” they’re just like

“oh we’re a dog sanctuary hahaha, we adopted them!! we have….a big dog sanctuary is all” cus they Have to protect the woof babies