HEY GUYS I’m going to be online more from now on! Because!!! I GOT A DIFFERENT JOB!! Sort of?? I switched departments in the store so I don’t have to deal with my terrible boss anymore!!

I am!!! free!!!! from her reign of terror!!!!! And not only am I free from stress at the bakery, I’ve been given more days off! And by more I mean like, twice a week. I used to not get hardly any at all! I’m so excited!! I’m finally gonna have more time to draw things!! ;u;


This is exactly what the world needs. At all times.

here are all of the different variations of the cat emoji i’ve seen/used 

  • :3 (the original) 
  • X3 (like XD, but kitty) 
  • :3c (paw) 
  • >:3 (evil kitty) 
  • >:3c (evil kitty with paw) 
  • :3cccc (kitty with all four paws) 
  • >:3cccc (evil kitty with all four paws) 
  • :3p (kitty with gun) 
  • >:3p (evil kitty with gun) 
  • :3€ (kitty with claws out) 
  • >:3€ (evil kitty with claws out) 
  • :3< (praying kitty) 
  • ;3 (winking kitty) 
  • .3 (one eyed kitty) 
  • ,3 (sleepy one eyed kitty) 
  • 83 (dilated pupil kitty) 
  • >:3x (edgy kitty) 

garnet is a dog person, she’d either have a really small cute dog like a maltese or a big dog like a border collie. maybe both 

pearl is more of a cat person but she likes dogs too. also maybe she’d have a canary 

amethyst has 3 cats and theyre named “trash boy” “munchkin” and “marshmallow” 

peridot has ten hamsters and has an entire separate room for all of their cages. she sucks at names and refers to them all by numbers 

lapis would have a bunch of fish (predictable, i know) but also something weird like a ferret 

jasper has a tiny grey kitten who was the runt of the litter and she loves him and carries him everywhere in her pocket 

bismuth has a fluffy white bunny and she keeps a picture of her in her wallet and shows her to everyone she meets and refers to the bunny as her daughter