woodys round up

Woody's Round-up PSA:

For those of you who do not know, Woody’s Round-up was a… thing on Tumblr in which someone (I will not disclose their URL due to them being constantly bugged) took the deleted URLS of Facists and homophobes, and replaced them with an image of Woody from the film Toy Story with the blog title being, “Howdy Pardner”. Eventually more people began claiming URLS of bad people, and the movement quickly gained popularity due to the long reblog chains the Woodys would make, as well as them claiming the popular Shitpost Blog @memeufacturing. @woodysroundup was formed as the official hub for all the blogs, setting rules, however, many people did not read the rules or did not care, and would take any deactivated blog, or make custom URLS just to participate. Because of this the creator dismantled the woodysroundup, but quickly reclaimed it to keep from any issues. All the original blogs have had their images changed to SpongeBob with the title being, “Orgasm”. The original creator of the Round-up says that they did it to distance themselves from the imposters.

@woodysroundup is the official sheriff.
@woodys-roundup is an imposter that encourages taking any deleted blog.

The creator of the Round-up wants all blogs that were taken from bad people to become OrgasmBobs.

toastysalt  asked:

hey ummm i dont know who else to ask about this but what the fresh fuck is the "woody collective" and should i fear them

the woody collective started off as just one person who would take old deactivated nazi blogs and change the profile picture to a specific picture of woody from toy story and set everything to default besides the title, which they changed to “Howdy Pardner”
eventually more and more people joined, taking old nazi urls and woodifying then. the mastermind behind the woody collective no longer has control over all the blogs.
a blog called “woody’s roundup” was started that currently serves as somewhat of a central hub for all of the woodys. i’ve seen instances where the woody collective rounds up not just nazis, but also pedophiles and terfs.
there’s a new meme going around where people take the url of a popular tumblr user known for being “bad” (i.e. sixpenceee and even the staff) and edit their profile pic to the woody picture and put in a post that just says “Howdy”
tl;dr it’s an awesome thing going on but it’s probably gonna end up getting way out of hand but i hope it can continue to act as controlled chaos for as long as possible

10 woody Roundup commandments

Written by me and @fan-this-spark-into-a-flame

I. Call God by their true name, Woody Roundup

II. Do your part in protecting the streets from bandits and varmints of all kinds

III. Buzz Lightyear only brings pain upon the world

IV. Yeehaw is an appropriate form of greeting a Sherrif

V. Do not interrupt the Roundup’s speech

VI. Be a pardner not a varmint

VII. Await Judgement Day, when the Woody Roundup will swallow the world in its great and terrible maw, as promised by the great prophet Lesbicrow

VIII. There are only two hymns. Owl City- Fireflies, and You’ve Got A Friend In Me

IX. Do not tempt the Roundup your God. Unless you are a hallowed corpse, you are worthy to be chosen by the Roundup. Do not ask.

X. Thank you sheriff

About Woody’s Round up

Tumblr… Okay… iFunny and IG have banraids n stuff but we have Woody’s round-up and that is so weird but also amusing.

Imma take a minute to appreciate that it is called Woody’s round-up.

Can someone give the history of this? It’s the best slice of Tumblr Culture I’ve ever heard of.

One of the many pictures taken today! It’s homecoming week at school and today’s day was Woody’s round up day. It’s basicaly cowboys but I decided to dress up as buzz lightyear from the Toy Story series! These two beside me are my lovely friends and are in the band! The one dressed as Jessie plays flute and the other cowgirl plays tenor sax