Around The Horn Analysis

Since I am a huge fan of Around The Horn, once in a while I take topics off of that show and throw them out there with my opinions on my blog. Here is my quick recap:

  • The First Word - so nobody has any idea where LeBron James is going to end up? Well the Cavaliers’ taking down that letter from a few years ago definitely makes us question if Cleveland has a chance to bring him back. LeBron is in total control of where he is going. He is looking at everything he can to ensure that he has a route to the Finals and to win more championships. Is that in Miami? I’m not positive. 
  • Chris Bosh - it would be very smart for Bosh to go to the Rockets simply because he would get the max deal he wants and he would be on a team with two other superstars yet again. This time though he can go back to his Power Forward position with Howard and Hardin on the court. I would worry about him being the third highest scoring option on the team. Who is going to take the crunch shot when time is ticking? Not sure if you can count on any of them.
  • Buy or Sell 1 - The A’s and moneyball. I buy it because the owner of the A’s wants to win now. Even though they are running away with the division it doesn’t hurt to add something extra knowing that come crunch time it has come apart for them in the playoffs before. 
  • Buy or Sell 2 - All Star Lineup. I buy that the lineups are pretty good for the most part. I sell that Samardzija cannot play in the All Star Game. 
  • Buy or Sell 3 - Wimbledon Final. I buy that it is more about Djokovic because he has struggled in a few of his last tournaments he played in. The last win he had was the Australian Open in 2013. 
  • Lightning Round 1 - Dirty tackle on Neymar? I gotta agree with Bomani. It looked like it was a street fighter type move where he drove his knee into Neymar’s back. He should be fined. It did not look like pure pursuit of the ball. 
  • Showdown 1 - Yellow Card for Goal Selfie? I think this is a little too strict. Was it because of a delay of game or something? It’s just a little fun considering the fans went wild over it and jumped to the opportunity.
  • Showdown 2 - Tour De France selfies or kiss fail? I would say the kiss fail is worse. There he is right in front of everyone and he kisses the first girl. Right when he leans in to kiss the second girl he gets completely snubbed by her. Talk about embarrassing.
  • Facetime - I love Tim Cowlishaw’s impression of Al Davis.