woody tho

Yazz ugly cute fine ass😍
Algee baby face fine ass😍
Luke sing me out my panties fine ass😍
Keith tall model face ass 😍
Woody funny stroke game gotta be bomb fine ass 😍
Elijah dark chocolate singing fine ass 😍


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.


As you can see, it’s gonna be about this cast for a minute y'all. My obsession hasn’t died yet😭 As hard as it was I ranked them in order. I love them all tho😻

1. Woody McClain
He’s so fine, funny, and humble. Like I’m really in love with him y'all. I’m mentally married to him and everything.💍😭

2. Keith Powers
He’s such a cutie😍 and he’s so laidback and chill. It’s so funny when he jokes the other members of the cast😂

3. Luke James
His voice💞 his confidence, his coolness. He dresses very nice too. His whole vibe just sends out black excellence.

4. Bryshere Gray
I’ve had a crush on this guy since the first season of Empire😩 I love the way he acts, he’s amazing. His smile is so beautiful💕

5. Algee Smith
It was so hard to figure out whether I should put him before or after Bryshere 😭but Algee is so cute💞 he has those bedroom eyes.I loved him as Ralph and I really wanna see more from him. He’s so positive and that’s what makes him even more attractive.

6. Elijah Kelley
I love his energy 💖omg. It’s so cute when he gets worked up and excited about something. Also have y'all seen this man’s outfits lately? His fashion sense is A1. And we cannot forget about the fact he’s fine dark chocolate🍫

Once again this was very hard for me😭 Let’s see if y'all can do it. Who’s your favorite? 👀

One of the funniest things about woodys roundup is the fact that some anti-sjws are mad and thus making their own blogs impersonating Emporer Zurg and the old ass sheriff dude from toy story 2 (idk his name) trying to get those urls back from the Woodys like you guys 2017 is so wild we have toy story characters fighting each other on a blogging website I just afsjfjflgl

so did the woody’s roundup person jump ship after losing control of the roundup? because once they got memeufacturing the whole thing blew up and all these copycats started just taking urls of ppl they didn’t like, even after woodysroundup posted a code of conduct, and now the woodysroundup blog is deactivated and a bunch of the original woody blogs are spongebob instead with the tagline “orgasm” lmao

like i guess it was inevitable. it was funny while it lasted tho.