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the fact that the Late Show scrapped the interview they taped with Jeremy Piven, someone who has allegedly sexually assaulted multiple women, and replaced it with Ronan Farrow, the reporter who broke the Harvey Weinstein story is my absolute favorite thing. AND NOT JUST THAT, THE FACT THAT A STEPHEN COLBERT, A COMEDIAN, JUST BROUGHT UP ALLEGATIONS ABOUT WOODY ALLEN ON NATIONAL TELEVISION YES IM ALL HERE FOR IT. 

New teaser via CBeebies Facebook ~ “It’s National Dog Day this weekend! Join Tom Hardy and Woody for one last adventure together.” 🐶❤️📗

The story will be ‘Fleabag’ by Helen Stephens @helenstephenslion … about a dog who needs a home and a boy who wants a dog. One day they find each other and Fleabag finally gets the loving home he’s been looking for.

Tom recorded the story last year with Woody next to him. ❤️💔 

Tom and Woody’s final Bedtime Story will air on www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies at 6.50PM on AUGUST 26

Tom recorded the story last year with Woody next to him. ❤️💔 Tom and Woody’s final Bedtime Story will air as a tribute to the memory of Woody.

Saturday, AUGUST 26th 6.50pm CBeebies 🐾


I lost a bet with a friend of mine, and the bet is I have to be a vegan for 17 days. (LSSC July 10, 2017)

- I got a favor to ask you. You’re a famous vegan. How am I gonna survive as a vegan?

- Fruits, vegetables, you know, you’re gonna live large in the next 17 days.

jimsdeadbones  asked:

help i cant stop thinking about stan using magic tricks- if he cant do a single coin trick he could probably do others- like card tricks, cardistry, being an escape artist- stan remembering how to do tricks first before completely regaining his memories

YES! Most of Stan’s magic has been used over the years as cons, tricks and flimflams such as the Three-Card Monty. He’s also the master of proposition bets

Of course, sometimes he just does tricks for the fun of it and because he can

Yes, he’s a great escapologist but that’s more through necessity than anything else.

Though not popular among the picks, the colt showed for room to improve as a Baffert trainee. Never winning a graded stakes until later after his 9th place finish in the Preakness, this colt went on to win one of the biggest races of the year as he landed his first Grade one stakes in the Haskell Invitational after his Woody Stephens win.

He went onto try for the Travers, but ended up finishing a far back 10th place. Connections would later on say they lost fair, and that the horse just couldn’t handle the distance..

Let’s talk about this horses pedigree, shall we? He has one of the more cleaner pedigrees for this day in racing. With some very recgonizable names in his pedigree including Alydar, Seattle Slew, War Admiral, Shenanigans who was the dam of Ruffian, and far back enough you can find one of the best studs to ever exist, Bend Or.