woody roseland


“I’m beeping - I’m - I’m beeping!”

“I’m on a lodda dilaudid. As needed." 

"I know that I’m not in pain, per se, but, I’m hurtin, and I would love some morphine, if you had any." 

"And I told her, babe, it’s not that big a deal that my legs are smoother than yours." 

Jeremy Guthrie's Made For TV Movie

Two weeks ago, Jeremy Guthrie needed a throwing partner. Like any sane person in the 21st century, he turned to Twitter to do it. Naturally, one person who happened to respond and was in the area, baseball glove on his person, was Woody Roseland. Who just so happened to have received a clean bill of health from his doctor after a two and a half year battle with cancer. Yes, this actually happened.  Some people weren’t so sure because it sounds so far-fetched and too picture perfect. But it did.

From Rick Reilly:

“Guthrie tosses Woody a little batting practice. ("I pitched bad, he hit bad,” Guthrie says.) Then a visit to the mound, then the video room to analyze how Guthrie was going to get San Francisco Giants hitters out the next night (not well – he was knocked out in the fourth inning) and then more laughing and talking in the Rockies’ locker room.“

Sometimes good things happen to good people. And while Woody Roseland had a dream experience of playing Major Leaguer for a day, it’s merely a cherry on top of walking away from the experience cancer free. There aren’t many true wins in the real world and this is one of them. Click through for the whole shebang


Video via Youtube. This video is of a friend of mine from high school who has been fighting cancer since his senior year of high school. After hearing years of bad news he has kept hope, good humor and has been an inspiration sharing his story. Please check out his blog to hear more about his great cause and tremendous spirit! Follow his story at woodyroseland.com. All my love and prayers go out to such an amazing guy and anyone else who is affected by cancer.


So, this guy is a great guy. His name is Woody Roseland and he has been battling cancer for a good amount of years. This video will make you laugh even if you don’t know anything about cancer. Or it will help you shed some light on a tricky cancer situtation you are involved in.

Anyway, while some people are hoping to get a tweet from Justin Bieber or One Direction, I got a tweet from him :D

It made my night :D