My Mockingjay Wrap Party Experience Berlin-06/21/2014

When I heard that Mockingjay, the movie adaptation of the books, that changed my life, will shoot in Berlin, the city that I live in, I totally freaked out, so I knew from the beginning: I will spend every day searching for the cast!

I met almost everyone, but as we all know, we only saw Jennifer on a bike, on set or in a restaurant on the rooftop of her hotel. No other pics of Jen in Berlin. My biggest dream was to finally meet her, not at the premiere like I already had, because it’s all chaos there. This dream came true.

After Mockingjay wrapped and we saw the group hug picture of Jennifer, Josh, Liam and Woody, I went to the set with two of my friends. The whole crew was partying (no cast members in sight), drinking champagne and my friends and me were heartbroken. It’s really over.

So we went to the trailers of the cast, they were not far away from the set, and we asked a security guy if they still needed the name signs, he said: “No, you can have them.” and we really got them!

As you can imagine, I haven’t slept the whole night. The next day I went to the hotel to meet Jeffrey Wright, so he could sign our picture. Very important!: Every day a guy went outside of the hotel just to smoke a cigar. I met Jeffrey and asked him if there’s going to be a wrap dinner, but he said: “Oh, you mean the Wrap Party? It is tonight!” Oh, so it’s called a wrap party, cool, didn’t knew that.

Of course after this long day I wanted to go home, but a friend of mine called and said he knows where the wrap party is going to be, BUT he won’t tell me. A lot of paparazzi knew it too, but there’s an another entrance, so there is no chance to even see the cast. That’s why there are no pictures, there was nobody there! My friend said, he could pick me up from the subway station and go with me there, so I wouldn’t tell anyone where the party is going to be. But still we had no hopes for anything to happen.

There were rumors, that we drove after Jen’s car to the Wrap Dinner, which was in Grill Royal (we knew that a day later) and from there to the wrap party. These rumors are TOTALLY not true!

We got at about 8 pm to this Bar “Rocco and Sanny” and of course my phone battery died, so I only had my old camera with me, if I ever wanted to take a pic. We sat there, nothing happened, it was cold, I had barely make-up on, a sweater, underneath that an old top, because I thought nothing exciting would happen today. After some time a taxi stopped by and VE NEILL got out of it! I was like: OMG, are they really going through that entrance?! ALL OF THEM?

So we waited and then Francis Lawrence came out of the car, some time later WOODY, he walked past us and smiled! Then the sisters of Jacqueline Emerson (YES, OUR FOXFACE!) came, too. It was past 11 pm and a black car stopped in front of the entrance and of course, I knew who’s car it was: IT WAS JEN’S!! So I stood up and was super excited! She came out of the car, looking at the ground, going straight to the entrance, like you see her in every paparazzi pic. She didn’t even stop and I totally understand that, she just wanted to go inside, but only to see her one more time, it really made my day! “Gilbert” (we all know it’s not his real name), her bodyguard, was with her, too. Liam was nowhere to find, so we looked forward to seeing Josh! Unfortunately, he drove in in the car, so we haven’t seen him.

Okey, so everybody was inside, both of us were outside, but we were still sitting there next to the entrance and honestly I had fun! You could hear everything that was going on inside! The cast watched the soccer game, because you know Fifa World Cup and stuff and you could hear Jen screaming: “Yeeeeah!” and then Woody: “HELL YEAH!” after a goal! They had a DJ, who made a mix out of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and other old hits! I tried to record it, but as I already said: my camera is old and fucks up… 

Seriously, every person passing this club/bar/restaurant (I still don’t know what it is exactly) waited a second and asked the security guy if they could come inside! It was a veeery big party there inside! Response: “Private party.”

Sometime later, “Gilbert” came out, to take Jen’s purse out of the car, so I talked to him for a minute and I was surprised: he was actually really kind! I asked him, if there’s a possibility, like in this century,  to take a picture with Jen, because she never made any pictures at the premieres in Berlin. He said, we could come tomorrow in front of her hotel and she’ll come out for us! (She didn’t.) I asked him: HOW THIS GIRL GET THE PIC IN PARIS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? LIKE HOOOOW?! He said: “Ahh, the Paris picture… She simply lives in the hotel they were in.” I still don’t know if it’s true, but it would explain a lot. After that he went inside.

Then a guy came out of the bar with a CIGAR (!) in his hand, sat down right next to me and said really happy: “Oh, its’s you guys!” He really knew us! His name was Damien, he works at the costume department and we talked a lot that night, about L.A, how similar L.A., Paris and Berlin are to each other, about his daughter, everything! Like old friends! After he was done with his cigar, he went inside and came back with a new one to smoke. This happened like five times. After I asked: “Don’t you want to party inside?”, he said: “I’m rather here with you.” HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

In the meantime, a girl tried to come inside (she had a bag of the Soho House, so she clearly knew what was going on there) but she wasn’t on the list. So she called her friend and told him she’s waiting outside, few minutes later a guy came out, said she’s with me and she could go inside!… Connections , guys! Connections!

My friend said: “Hey! Why don’t you ask Damien, if he could take us inside?” I totally thought he went crazy. ASK HIM TO TAKE US INSIDE?! NO WAY!

Then Damien came out again for a cigar. My friend gave me that look, so I began: “Damien? Can I ask you a question?” I wanted to wait for a “yes”, then I would ask him if there’s a possibility to take us inside, which is totally crazy but okay.

But he never said “yes” and I never asked that question. The only thing he said was: “I’ll take you inside.” I thought I’m not hearing good! What did he say?! Take us INSIDE? WHUT?! Me: ”What?!” Damien: “I’ll take you inside! Take your bag. You come inside first, later I’ll come back for your friend. If something’s wrong, you’re my sister. When we’re inside go straight to the bar and get yourself a drink. And no matter what happens: DON’T LET GO OF MY HAND!”

And this is one of this moments in your life, that you ask yourself: What will you do?  Is it clever to take the hand of a man twice as old as you are, past midnight in the middle of Berlin, when your phone’s dead, your parents have no idea where you are and what you’re doing, so he can take you to a party? Answer: Sure! Why not?

So I took Damien’s hand, he went through both securities easily, but of course one of the securities saw me and stopped him. She: ”You can’t take her inside.” Damien: “But she’s with me.” She: “She’s a fan, it’s not clever. You can’t!” And then he screamed at her: “SHE’S WITH ME!” and pulled me inside the club. Then the best night of my life began.

It was dark. The entrance to the club was behind a stage with the livestream of the soccer game. He took me straight to the bar. There were a lot of people, I have no idea where they all came from. He left me at the bar and said: “Have fun.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was actually inside at the party! Five seconds after that a security guy came up to me and I thought: Okay, I know, I have to go. At least I was 5 seconds here. But instead of kicking me out, he said with a smile: “Wow, you really managed to come inside! I’m not working after midnight, so I don’t care what you do. Have fun!” He told me every drink you want is for free, the toilets and the wardrobe is down the stairs. WHUT?!

Okay, so I wanted to go to wardrobe and leave all of my stuff there, also my sweater, because it was really hot inside and dark, very dark. Sometimes you could see some flashlight go on, just for a second. Later, I found out that it was a photo booth! And I really had to go to the toilet. So I looked around a little and saw nobody from the cast. I don’t care, I’m inside! So I went past the booth, down the stairs, and now all Joshifer shippers out there attention, please: I had to stop in the middle of the stairs because of what I saw. Jennifer, Josh, “Gilbert” and some guy talking (of course the only people talking were Josh and Jennifer as always) privately down there next to the wardrobe! I swear my heart skipped a beat. Okey, okey, act natural.. (as if this would be even possible at this point..) You’re part of it, they can’t see you’re a fan.

I left my stuff in the wardrobe and I realized I have a big problem! If you want to go to the toilet, you have to go right BETWEEN Jen and Josh! So I took all my sanity together I asked if I can go past by! Jen: ”Yeah, sure! Of course!” I went to the toilet, died thousand deaths and after I was done, went back upstairs. Jen was done and Josh was on his way to the toilet (way too much information, sorry). Everybody was dancing, I took a coca cola and because I’m a geek , I can’t dance. I just can’t. How are you supposed to look inconspicuous, if you don’t dance at a party? So I tried some moves, it looked really bad. So I just took my drink and decided to stand by the column right to a guy who wasn’t dancing either, thank god. Then I saw Jen, Josh and someway LIAM was there too, dancing with each other like in that group hug (but without Woody). They were holding each other, laughing, having fun, but you really could see: They were sad that this is really the end!

Have you ever seen a video of Josh dancing? Yes? Imagine to see that in real life, only 1000 times better! I swear, he was the king of this dancefloor! He was dancing with everybody! And Liam and Jen smiling about it in the background watching him dancing! Jen-2012: “I am the worst dancer ever.” The biggest lie she has ever told us! If that, what she was doing there, was bad dancing, I really want to dance bad. She looked gorgeous!

Later I realized that Josh stopped dancing and went towards me. I looked around and thought: Hmm, where do he wants to go? Wardrobe? I bet his stuff is not there. Toilet? He was already there. (still sorry for knowing that) He came up, like 40 centimeters away from me, and started to talking to that guy, who wasn’t dancing right next to me! He hugged him and they talked a lot! WHAT?! So I looked away and wasn’t listening, it’s just way to private! And they talked and talked and then Josh said “Bye.” He went back in the direction of Liam and Jen. The only thing I ever wanted is to hug Josh. I have pictures with him. I didn’t want any and I didn’t even had my camera with me so whatever. So I took all my courage and touched him on his shoulder. He immediately turned over and waited for me to say something! The only thing I could’ve come up with was to tell the truth..! Me: “Hey Josh! I’m a really big fan of yours and I just wanted to ask, can I hug you?” Josh surprised and then really happy: “OF COURSE!” He hugged me and It was a really long hug. We let each other go and he waited for me to say something again. What do you do in this situation? You could talk to him, even if it’s really loud there, or you could ask him for his contact. Anything?! What did I do? I said: “Thank you.” Josh was surprised again and said “Cool. Have a good night!” Aaaand I died. He went back to Jen and Liam and then I realized, they were about to make a picture! Probably a private picture, because it’s nowhere to find. They are really making pictures! I decided: let’s go to the wardrobe and take my very bad camera! Who knows what happens?! Maybe they’ll be a chance to take a pic with Jen and I will not have a camera! I wouldn’t forgive myself!

On the way to the wardrobe I met Woody! with his friends and I almost bumped into him! This was really close! So I said “Hi, Woody!” and went straight ahead. I actually started to feel comfortable! I took my camera, went back upstairs and saw Jen dancing with Francis right in front of me! So I went into a corner and waited for my opportunity. The same thing like with Josh and Liam: they were said and happy and the same time! You really could see that! Then her manager or someone else (I don’t know who, some woman) told her they have to leave. Jennifer wanted to go, but then a female friend of her grabbed her from behind and they both started dancing! Guys, Jen can dance, she really can! After few minutes, the same situation, woman: we have to go! Jen was almost on her way and then, I really have no idea how, a woman, who works on Mockingjay, you could clearly see she’s a part of the crew, came up with a girl, who was like idk 6 or 7 years old (! I don’t want to say anything but it was about 2 am), to Jen and said: “Hey Jen! This is my daughter and she loves Katniss!” Jen smiled immediately, thanked the girl and KISSED HER ON HER HEAD! WHAT IS LIFE?! The woman went away and I thought: THIS IS MY CHANCE! I HAVE TO TAKE IT! Sooo, I did the same thing that I did by Josh (I mean, it worked, right? And it was the truth. The only thing they could’ve done is to kick me out, because I’m a fan and not working here.) So I touched her on her shoulder, she turned around and I said: “Hey, Jennifer! I’m a really big fan and I wanted to ask you: can I hug you and can we take a picture?” She smiled and said: ”Sure!” and was already posing for the pic, when I grabbed her and pulled her body to mine and I was never so happy in my life! She was really happy, hugged me back and we wanted to make the pic, but she said: “Can you promise me something?” My thought: WHATEVER YOU WANT! Jen: ”Can you please not post it now?  Because you know, it’s a party.” I was like: YES, NO PROBLEM! Of course someday I would post it, we both knew it, I want it as my profile picture, so I waited over a year and her birthday is in my opinion a good occasion to post it. So we took it, before she went I hugged her again, told her she’s perfect and she’s the perfect Katniss and that I love her. (She was really tall in those shoes!) Then she wished me a good night and drove back to the hotel.

What do you do when you just met your idol? You go and get yourself a drink! In exactly this moment my friend, who didn’t wait long for Damien (who told the securities, that my friend is his boss! Of course no one believed it, we even met Damien’s boss before :’D), finally found me and said that he bumped into Josh and Josh was like very happy: “Oh Hey! Sorry, have a good night!” My friend just stood there shocked and said nothing. What do you even say in that situation? Later we got to know, Josh was on his way back to the hotel! So my friend came (and the securities told him that he can’t take any pictures at all), the cast was gone. The only thing we did, was to go to the photo booth and tooke some pictures! Yes, my black and white profile picture is from the booth! We saw Francis having fun time with Jeffrey and Woody right next to the booth! I took a napkin with me, because why not and then we went back home. BEST NIGHT EVER!

It’s long, I know, but it’s really everything that happened with all the details. I’m trying to show it to you, how I experienced it! I was awake for 40 hours, so yes I look bad. :’D I hoped you liked it, because I loved it. 

Questions ? Just ask.