woody and andy

I made a real-life Andy’s room.

When my friends and I began recreating Toy Story 3 in late 2011, we knew that we would have to create a full scale Andy’s room. I mean, let’s face it. You can’t successfully recreate Toy Story 3 without a realistic looking Andy’s room. It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it. It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had. From the hardwood floor to the bright white woodwork, it’s all there.

It may sound a bit obsessive, but we tried incredibly hard to make sure that every little detail was captured. For example, there is a white board next to Andy’s desk that we, for the most part, replicated perfectly. 

His posters were almost perfectly recreated for our room as well. I’ve got to thank my brother for those. The amount of detail he put into those things amazes me. 

One of my favorite aspects of Andy’s room in Toy Story 3 is his door. I just love the dart board, scattered stickers and posters on it. It really gives off the teenager-vibe. With that said, I absolutely loved recreating it for our room. I still can’t believe we managed to find that dart board…and for only $5 at a thrift shop. Score!

A lot of time was spent on Andy’s desk. Before we renovated it, it was an old, broken brown desk. It was really awesome fixing it up for our remake though because it used to belong to my grandmother. 

Some my other favorite details we captured in our real-life Andy’s room can be seen in this still from the film.

The crescent moon bed backboard:

The electric guitar:

And of course, the toy box:

So yeah, a lot of work went into recreating Andy’s room. But you know what? My friends and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The extra work really paid off. We can’t get over how great it looks on film.

Andy gives his toys away: IRL

This is Jessie! She loves critters…but none more than her best pal, Bullseye! 

This…is Rex! The meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived! RAWR!

The Potato Heads: Mr. and Mrs. You’ve got to keep ‘em together cause they’re madly in love! 

Now Slinky here is as loyal as any dog you could want. 

And Hamm…he’ll keep your money safe, but he’s also one of the most dastardly villains of all time: EVIL DR. PORK CHOP! 

These little dudes are from a strange alien world: PIZZA PLANET! 

And this…is Buzz Lightyear: the coolest toy EVER! He’s sworn to protect the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg!

Now you’ve got to promise to take good care of these guys. They…mean…a lot to me.

What’s he doing in there?

Now Woody…he’s been my pal for…as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind and smart. But the thing that makes woody special…is he’ll never give up on you. Ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what. 

So long…


Just saw war for the planet of the apes...

It was a fucking masterpiece… if Andy Serkis doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, I will go to our local McDonald’s and loosen ALL the covers of the salt containers so they spill salt on peoples food… I personally think that will be appropriate for the situation

Watch on parkeretmj.tumblr.com

Full Video…I think that’s all of it lol.

I’M CRYING!! I read the movie novelization of war for the planet of the apes. Apparently before the movie began malcolm had made his way to the colonel (Harrelson) to plead him to make peace with Caesar and the Colonel killed him!!! NO!!!

Introducing a Depressing New Game! 6 Degrees of Hollywood Sexual Misconduct!

The rules are simple! It’s like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except with Hollywood people who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Just find a film, actor, director, or any other film person and you can find a connection to a person accused of sexual misconduct in 6 links or less! Play it and then cry at the state of the world! I’ll show you! 

Hot Fuzz 

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1. Hot Fuzz was directed by Edgar Wright

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2. Edgar Wright also directed Baby Driver. 

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3. Baby Driver featured this scum bag!

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Yup! Well let’s try something harder! 

Taika Waititi:

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1. One of Taika’s regular actor is Jermaine Clement 

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2. Jermaine Clement was also in Moana. 

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3. Moana was executively produced by John Lasseter who apparently has done some misconduct! God Damnit! 

Ok, ok. Maybe if I go with something really old. Mel Brooks!

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1. Ok apparently he directed a film I’ve never seen called Life Stinks

Ok I’ve never seen that. I wonder who’s in it. 

2. It has Jeffrey Tambor in it. 

Damn it! Damn it! See pretty much anything in Hollywood can be linked to one of these sexual assaulters! You can probably link the vast majority of people in Hollywood to Harvey Weinstein alone! I’ll prove it to you!

Tom Holland is in Spiderman-Homecoming. Marissa Tomei play Aunt May. Marissa Tomei was in Playing for Keeps which was directed by Harvey Weinstein! 

I’m so sorry that life is filled with creeps and it’s ruining all of these movies! If I ever become a filmmaker I promise to create a safer environment for the ladies out there ( and men, some of the victims have been male. I shouldn’t erase them). 

Maybe we can find one film that won’t be connected to a sexual assaulter. I know! Home Alone 2! 

This is a Christmas movie. There’s now way it can be attached to anyone skeevy!


Play the game! You’ll be disgusted! All your favorite movie are ruined now!