When I make a cut to length I stay about 1/16" off the line. I’ll bring it into my line with a hand plane. #handtools #japanesesaw #wood #woodworking #workslow #getzen

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Updated shots of the @stowawaydnvr build. These capture the look of the tables as they appeared in person and I could not be happier with all the labor put in. #art #artisan #co #craft #Colorado #dwell #Denver #design #furniture #furnituredesign #grain #handmade #joinery #modern #milehigh #table #wood #woodshop #woodwork #workshop #woodworking #303 #5280 #デザイン #家具 #restaurant #onthetable (at Wazee Union 3501 Wazee Street)

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George’s Wood Furniture Reapair and Custom Woodworking Shop.

This week it’s dressers.

The left dresser is something Kati picked up at a garage sale awhile ago. The back and sides are all warped, so I’m going to replace them and reattached a few other parts so she can *cringe* paint it.

The right dresser is my dad’s old dresser that I’ve been using for the last ten years or so and in that whole time, and I’m pretty sure the reason dad stopped using it, is because the drawer guides were failing and making it hard to open and close drawers. So now I’m fixing it. Ten years later. Nothing like a little procrastination.


Flooring in the house that needed to be replaced. Before on top and after below. We had got some water damage on this one section that is a storage area so the laminate had warped and started to peel. Had to cut it out with a handsaw and rip all the old up then lay down the new. I used two different colors and I think I like this a lot. Almost to where I want to do the rest of house like this. Almost!! I have to cut and glue down the transition pieces and it will be complete.


The Department of Delicious Deception should know better than to try to eat wooden food, but the work of Japanese wood sculptor Seiji Kawasaki is so awesomely realistic, we just know they’re going to take a nibble at the earliest opportunity. Just look at these croissants, so flaky and buttery:

But they aren’t flaky, buttery pastries at all. They’re blocks of wood, hand-carved to the tiniest detail and painstakingly painted by Kawasaki. Each piece takes 2-3 hours to complete, some of which aren’t simply decorative. These red peppers, for example, function as chopstick rests:

Follow Seiji Kawasaki on Facebook or Twitter for many more photos of his astonishingly realistic woodcarving.

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So here she is everybody, my very own TARDIS all hand built by myself took about 3 months and a bit to make but it was well worth all the hard work because she is BEAUTIFUL :D and now officialy ready for loads of new adventures through time and space reliving all of Matt Smith’s adventures from Series 5-7. As my friend said “Whats a Doctor without his TARDIS” Right me and the old girl best be off or as i would say “You know me, stuff to do” thank you for reading and GERONIMO!



One of my most favourite charming treehouses I`ve ever seen 


Buckhead treehouse is a charming, almost fairy-tale cottage located in Atlanta, US state of Georgia. Nestled in the woods, this unique retreat is a real craft masterpiece. The neighborhood is a quiet, residential place where a man can relax in nature.

DIY Flower Press

With warm weather quickly approaching, make a DIY Flower Press using pieces of wood (home improvement stores can cut them to size for you), cardboard, watercolor paper, and hardware.

I like this DIY Flower Press because: you can make any size you want, it’s cheaper to make than buy, and it’s much better made than the other DIY Flower Presses I’ve seen online.

For more Gardening DIYs go here.

Find the Tutorial for this DIY Flower Press at Garden Therapy here.

Lord Dominator 12″ X 16″

One of my favorite characters from Disney Channel’s Wander Over Yonder.  This piece was inspired by a scene from the episode “The Bot”.  I changed the image a bit by adding detail to her throne and putting a smile on her face (something you usually don’t see unless she is destroying something, or someone).  This is made from a 3/4″ pine board and cut out using a scroll saw.  Painted with acrylic paint.  1/8″ and 1/4″ shims are added behind certain pieces to give it a 3D effect