My new Jonathan Bosworth book charkha and spindle shuttle have arrived!!! I placed my order in May 2014; they were supposed to arrive in May 2015 but there was a mix-up. To make up for the mistake, Sheila Bosworth, Jonathan’s wife, gave me last year’s prices (which is what I would have paid for May delivery) AND waived the shipping fee.

This is woodworking at its finest. The satiny cherry wood is gorgeous and soft to the touch. Pablo thinks so, too; he rubbed his head over everything and used the shuttle as a pillow. The shuttle wood is purpleheart, a dense wood from the Amazon; if you’re a blog follower, you know how much I like purple.

Sheila test drives each charkha and leaves her handspun yarn and a piece of sliver attached to a spindle. Spinning on this charkha is a dream. The spindles attach to a magnetic spindle mount and can be replaced without undoing the drive band. No oiling is required; the charkha has sealed ball bearings. There is a built in Lazy Kate for easy plying on the charkha. A locking arm keeps the charkha flat when open, so I no longer need to use my foot to stabilize it, making it ergonomically better than an Indian book charkha. The drive ration is 70:1. I’m going to start spinning my raspberry Dye-Lishus® cotton sliver. We’re going to have fun!

My Khadi Khanoo Indian charkha spindle weaving shuttle is still for sale.