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“The public’s hate for Taylor Swift, though, is still awash in that new love affair scent. Hating Taylor Swift is cool now, because, oh my God, does she have to write a song about every guy she dates? Well, yeah, she kind of does. Rather, she doesn’t have to, but why in the fuck shouldn’t she? For one thing, relationships are something musicians have been covering in song forever.

It seems like a problem here because everyone knows who she’s singing about, but how is that her fault? Lots of easily entertained people want to know that kind of information.

Why does that equate to Taylor Swift not getting to write the same kind of songs that so many men and women before her have written?”

-Adam Tod Brown, The 5 Most Undeservedly Hated Famous People of 2013

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Seriously, dudes? That is disgusting on multiple levels. I really didn’t want a reason to be disappointed in NPH.

Exactly, same here. He seems like such a nice guy, from what I’ve seen (which admittedly is not a lot). And I know people make stupid mistakes when they think they’re being “funny,” god knows I have, but… you know what? Maybe I’ll try to rationalize it when I’m not feeling so pissed off, but for right now, I’m just gonna stew a little.

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sophia rossi was a television producer until she basically quit to do internet things! she produced the hills when she was super young, too. she’s a cool lady.

oh wow, i had no idea! thanks for letting me know, i was super oblivious + wasn’t giving her enough credit for being so awesome.

(ps. i found this neat article about her where you can see mindy’s book on her bookshelf + possibly a few photobooth pics with min as well)