Bob Dylan may or may not have crashed his motorcycle on 29 July 1966. Dylan claimed that he had broken his neck in the crash, although no ambulance was called and he was not admitted to the hospital.

A two-sentence story published four days later in The New York Times under the headline “Dylan Hurt in Cycle Mishap” indicated that he was under a doctor’s care.

The 25-year-old Dylan was leaving the home of manager Albert Grossman in Woodstock, NY, with wife Sara following behind, when Dylan might have crashed.

According to Selma Thaier, the widow of a doctor Dylan knew in Middletwon (about an hour away), Dylan arrived “very upset. He didn’t want to go to the hospital, so we said, ‘You can stay here.’”

Dylan stayed in a third-floor bedroom of the Thaler home for about a month, eating dinner with the family and having friends over on Friday nights, including Allen Ginsberg and the musicians who would later become famous as The Band.

Dylan was by his own admission exhausted and had numerous obligations pending, and whatever happened on that day, Dylan withdrew from the public and while he continued to record, he did not tour again for nearly 8 years.


July 29, 1966: 50 years ago, Bob Dylan crashed his Triumph motorcycle in Woodstock, New York. The exact cause of the accident is unclear, but he suffered from a cracked vertebrae and some road rash. Even after he recovered, Dylan would not go on tour for 8 years, and instead focused on raising his family and working on new albums both by himself and with The Band. Source here

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