So even though I was kind of nervous to go to this class this morning I knew that my former kick boxing trainer Alison was going to be one of the instructors for the 8am class so that put my mind at ease.

And truth be told - I really loved this class!  I love that it is free weights and bar with fast reps, slow reps and does your full body in the hour long class.

As per usual when I join in a group class of any kind,  it was a room full of ladies along with me and one other guy.  I seriously don’t know why more guys don’t take these classes as you leave there dripping in sweat and can make it more challenging by upping the weights you are using.  Ah well their loss I guess.

I am definitely going to be doing this class as cross training on the days in between swimming.

So, so, so glad I went to this launch even this morning!


One Direction - Drag Me Down (COVER BY ROOM 94)

check them out!!

In a private all-girl’s high school, you are taught that 
feminism is a term that should caress the 
tongue but never be uttered, a testament 
to the teachings of a conservative Texan school committee
that claims to be liberal at
its core. 

You are taught to love yourself, but only 
if your rights do not precede those of the average 
American, those of the white pure-blooded American male 
who cowers at
an unknown ethnicity, gender, sexuality. 

What I am trying to say is this: 
Even after obtaining an education that claims to teach me 
how to respect myself, I still slash my wrists 
to fill another’s cup full of wine, the world not 
“for the taking” but an object rotating on an axis with 
a tilt of 23.5 degrees around a giant, burning star destined 
for darkness.

I burn my books. 

Within the next three years, I vow to unlearn the broken 
tool of self-preservation and trade it in 
for self-love within the very walls of the academic 
institution meant to tear me down.

This is not an act of war; war implies
violence, but I, I mean to 
swallow the world whole and leave nothing behind.

—  Poem #17 // E.Z. (365 Poems for 365 Days)

“Have you been having any sexual intercourse?”