My oc for @thecupkingdom.

Name: Nina Woodsman

Gender: female


Age:14 years old

Kingdom: Bendy’s kingdom

Who she is: homeless (for a week, left picture), lonely, friendly, works hard, kind, can die on day, emotional, adventurous, and caring

Loves: seeing others smile or laugh, nature, animals, chicken (LOL XD), family (wishes for a family), and kind people/cartoons

Hates: wolves, deaths, being alone, arguments, and snakes

A week ago, Nina’s parents died by being eaten by wolves (Sam and Britney, S= blacksmith B= shoemaker and pregnant). Nina manage to survive, but while she was running out of the woods she got bit by a viper snake on her left arm (She’s still alive but the poison is spreading slowly through her body). She would normally wear long sleeve shirts to hide her bite. Every since, Nina has been asking for help, food, shelter, and money from every house, but they all ignored her (She hasn’t ate for 5 days and is getting really sick from her bite).But one day, she came to the ink kingdom and they all invited her in. (You can choose how she meets everyone). However, they said if she wants to stay, she must work there, so she choose to be a maid (right picture). Sometimes she will secretly go outside to feel mother nature when others are not looking (Also, she secretly sings to the moon at night because her mother did)
Songs: Talking to the moon- Bruno Mars, I miss you- tom and jerry, and others you can think of.

Hope you like it. Thanks for giving me a chance to add my oc to your story. 😊

Respon: (Btw it’s “ink” kingdom) ^^

The Mondo record release of the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack had a really cool version of the Beast’s lantern on the cover that showed Wirt and Greg walking through the woods and it was such a neat alternate version I decided to make one. We only get to see that one image for one of the sides though so I had to make up the designs for the Woodsman and Beast but I think they look ok. Still deciding on something for the last side of the lantern.


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