Favorite Female Character Tag

I was tagged by @relevy :)

List your ten favorite Female characters and then tag ten people! 

1. Princess/General Leia from Star Wars

2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde 

3. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

4. Agent Peggy Carter from Agent Carter

5. Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle 

6. Starr Carter from The Hate U Give

7. Mulan from Mulan 

8. Susan (aka Death’s Granddaughter) from the Discworld Series 

9. Zoe Washburn from Firefly 

10. Precious Ramotswe from The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency 

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Schools Out Locker

Really loved EA’s Locker , however I wanted a functional Locker closet ..

Re-meshed , recolored in my palette , Grunge versions added , as well as wood variations

this is 2 tiles wide ( looks like 4 individual lockers) ,,, when placing next to another it looks seamless .. good for school builds or industrial lofts , bedrooms rooms , gyms etc

  • 650 Poly
  • 30+ swatches
  • All LODS
  • $220
  • Found in Dressers
  • Functions as a Wardrobe
  • Shit ton of slots on top

Find it searching Schools Out Locker 

Download link: SimsFileShare


Blackwall was a challenge because my game blackscreened before I got to know him well, so it was a little more difficult to capture his personality. Thankfully I had all the Blackwall blogs on this hellsite to go through, which reminded me of 1) wood carving; and 2) he’s an indestructable tank.

making a sticker set! Stay tuned :) [Cole, Dorian, Vivienne]



July 29th: Wedding

So this one is my favorite and I put much more effort into it than it was planned! I wanted them to have a happy and joyful day with their friends. Their wedding takes place on an evening in the woods. ♥

Part 2

All mythology instantly becomes like a thousand times better if you imagine it as like a reality TV show with those one person interviews.

Example: Set: so my boat sinks, right? I look over and this little shit Horus is sailing past me with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. Turns out his boat was made of wood. Cheater.

Example 2: Loki: and of course they didn’t wanna pay for the fuckin wall, so who has to risk their ass to fix this entire shitty situation? Yours truly, moi.

(Please feel free to add onto this.)