Metal Gear Survive
PAX16 Demo Crafting Recipes


Wood (4), Cloth (2) = Bed

Poppy (2) = Morphine

Electronics (4), Spare Parts (2) = Boom Box

Cloth (6), Dye (Arctic White), Dye (Grey), Dye (Midnight) = Snow Camo Suit

Cardboard (6) = Cardboard Box

Silk (1), Bullet (8) = Bandana

Stick (2), Rock = Metal Gear


Seth Rollins vs. Big E & Jamie Noble vs. Jimmy Uso: UFC 2 Tournament Round 1 — Gamer Gauntlet

The UpUpDownDown UFC 2 Tournament has begun! In the first video of this double-elimination competition, Jimmy Uso a.k.a. Uce takes on Jamie Noble a.k.a. Redneck Musai while Seth Rollins a.k.a. Champ has an epic fight against Big E a.k.a. Big Wool!


Nordic wind - new sims 2 cc:

Work on this project was fun but it took me more time I had expected at the beginning. I made totally 7 new meshes, fought with tens of problems I´ve really never met before but fixed every issue and am kinda of proud of myself :D  I was inspired by Scandinavian style (tried to find fitting name for gift :D ) and the result is here, a few decorative objects for your sims houses:

Cubus candle holder - 449 polys   SWATCH

Deer shelf - 213 polys   SWATCH 1 & 2

Ikea dresser - 267 polys   SWATCH 1 & 2

Wall magazines - 293 polys   SWATCH 1 & 2

Wood hands in three different positions - 609 polys for each   SWATCH

Important notes:                                                                                        Wood hands are repositoried, hand 1 is master mesh and you need it for other 2 hands to show correctly in the game (write this just for case somebody don´t know the technique yet). Deer shelf has 2 slots on the top and was cloned from the “Knock on the wood medium shelves” so Appartment life expansion pack is required. Other meshes are base game compatible. Deer shelf and wall magazines are shiftable, Ikea dresser just as a decorative object. The only thing I would change are shadows - I don´t have enough time or energy now to study how do them so there are none.

Except new cc I made a few recolors too. Meshes are included, credits go to Threadandsandpaper, PaisleyAvenue and original creators of her converted meshes, Nemestnaya and ara-garahan. For RCs of “cc jane simple photo frames” you need DL this set, I included just master meshes and they don´t show in the game.

Files are clearly labeled and have previews. I included uvw maps in the download file if you wish to recolor anything and collection file too. You can make whatever you want with my meshes just don´t reupload at pay sites, don´t claim as yours and please let me know any changes or conversions.



The idea of Louis being a pied piper for this girl band, leading a bunch of young teenaged girls to Simon in the name of immulating this manipulative bag of dicks so he can get off on it in the press and try to ruin Louis’ image and career makes me want to scream alone in the woods for about 2 weeks.

Simon Cowell is a human pile of puke. And I hope Louis rat fucks him until he begs for mercy.

Camille Pissarro, Poultry Market at Gisors, 1885, tempera and pastel on paper mounted on wood, 82.2 x 82.2 cm, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Source

French Impressionist Camille Pissarro used a dual method of tempera paint and chalky pastels to create this large composition on paper. Poultry Market at Gisors’s mixed technique gives the work a lovely light feeling with subtle contrasts. 


Examples of early American wood type from Wood 2: Morgan Press Wood Type Catalogue (Z250 .M77 1968 Cage) designed by John Alcorn and published by Morgan Press Incorporated, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY in 1968.

You can read more about Douglas Morgan’s life and his extensive collection of wood type in his New York Times obituary from 2007.

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