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I really can't wrap my head around how people are worrying about CS just because we don't have any promo pics of them in the EF AU (yet, maybe). Even without A&E's statements about epic moments in store for them in the finale, you'd think people would have learned. I mean, we've had shippers on set who reassured us, and what's more, it just, like...logic?

they released like 10-12 pics from 3 scenes (gold’s shop/emma’s sacrifice, emma/regina/rumple in the woods) in a 2 hour episode and people are already freaking out about this

03.04.2015 Julie. San Simeon.

“As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.” - Winnie the Pooh

To Miss Julie Plec,

To Miss Julie Plec,

I am honestly not trying to be rude in the slightest, but I was just wondering why Bonkai is not happening. In your quotes you said the ship “should not be supported” because “he is not good boyfriend material” and that “the relationship between the two of them is not going to go well.” Well, why? Now of course you can’t answer that because (like you said), the season isn’t over yet; but my question is- why the sudden change of heart? There has been many pro-bonkai situations, including you tweeting some things that would conclude bonkai. Here are some pro-bonkai examples:

1. Chris Wood and Kat Graham sharing the bonniexkai “I want you to feel what I felt” video

2. Chris Wood for marry murder merge (marry Bonnie, merge with Ms. Cuddles, murder everyone else).

3. Chris B. supporting bonkai….again and again

4. Kat Graham following bonkai blogs/twitter accounts

5. cryptic tweets from you. (saying kai “has a crush”; smiley face at when talking about the bonsai ship “not fan of the ship, he’s an asshole! :-)”

6. not allowing bonkai questions at meet ups bc of spoilers

7. you not really saying anything until NOW when we’re most vulnerable…and even then the tweets you’ve sent out don’t necessarily banish bonkai, but it makes it 90% sure it’s not happening.

so at first that’s when I had faith that it still could happen. I figured since you weren’t a fan of the Klaroline ship at first or the Delena ship, it still happened- so why not Bonkai, right? But then today Kat Graham said at her convention in Brazil that she wants Bonkai “but it’s not what the writers want.” Why? As a “bonkaier” and as a TVD viewer, I’m telling you Bonkai will make your ratings go waaaaayyy up, but if you destroy them it will make them go waaaayyy down. I know this because the Bonkai fan base has become so huge and there are many people like me who have become so invested in the show because of Bonkai. Bonkai is the only couple I have ever “shipped”, because the storyline between them is complex and great that it made me want to keep seeing them balance each other out and change one another into this awesome bad-ass couple. Without Kai, Bonnie would still be this naive helpless girl, but because of him she’s now stronger, fiercer, and more confident and sexier. Without Bonnie, Kai would still be empty. Because of the merge he wouldn’t still be all psycho-path because of Luke, but he would not have been as guilty or as relentless to make everything right. With Bonnie, he became a new person. You saw it in the way he looked at her in the 1903 world, and how he begged for another chance. Their chemistry is undeniable…and almost needed.

Now when someone mentioned your crush tweet during the “anti-bonkai” chaos last night you said “he did have a crush. but then she left him to die.” Well, that’s what Kai did to Bonnie. The Kai that saw Bonnie leave him did not look angry, he looked sad because he knew he deserved it. Now they’re even.

Next- “he’s not good boyfriend material.” This tweet I do not understand. What about Damon? He snapped Jeremy’s neck in front of Elena, made Caroline do whatever she wanted under compulsion, killed his family member’s pregnant girlfriend in front of his family member and Stefan, turns Elena into a vampire knowing she didn’t want to, kills Lexi in front of Stefan, and killed lots of other innocent people. He was redeemable and “shippable” with Elena, so why not Kai? What about Klaus? He killed the whole Petrova family, he killed Bonnie (temporarily, obviously), he kills aunt Jenna, he kills Elena, kills (temporarily) his siblings “whenever he feels like it”, kills Alaric, and many others. He’s a serial killer, but if he’s redeemable and “shippable” with Caroline, why not Kai? I’m just wondering what horrendous thing Kai could do that would make him un-redeemable and “un-shippable” with Bonnie? I can’t think of one because of all the psycho/murderous/sinful things that Damon and Klaus have done. Even Stefan has had his bad moments, being a ripper. And yet he’s redeemable. So I just don’t quite understand why Kai can’t be with Bonnie. Yes he may be, in your words, “an asshole”, but so is Damon and Klaus!

I normally wouldn’t be so persistent about this but I was just really excited to see where this Bonkai storyline went because of how great it is, and now being told that basically it’s not happening just makes me really sad and confused; especially because of all the pro-bonkai evidence for the past month or so and even now. I just don’t quite get why the relationship can’t work, and I understand that I haven’t seen the last two episodes so I don’t know what’s going to happen but it just doesn’t seem like anything that Kai could do could break their relationship off completely. I just really loved their chemistry together, and I love Bonnie’s character because of how much she’s grown and how much more confident she is in herself because of everything that’s happened, and in the words of Chris Brochu, I think that “Bonnie can handle Kai. She’s a bad-ass witch”.

If you could answer in any way possible that would be awesome, even if you just say that you can’t answer because of spoilers, but any type of response would be amazing. I really hope you know that I am not trying to be rude or mean at all, I’m just trying to understand the situation and figure out what’s going on haha.


Haily Watson,

a fellow TVD/Bonkai fan