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DIY Green Witch Portable Altar

If you’re like me, and like to bring your earthy witchcraft with you this is the DIY for you.

cost breakdown and materials:

✨ Wood box - $2.99 from craft store (but most stores have coupons)

✨ Stain - $4.99 (a small bottle will last you forever)

✨ Moss - $5 from a craft store (I’m sure you can fine it somewhere cheaper)

(side note: I don’t recommend getting it from the ground. It can lead to mold/bugs/allergy issues)

✨ Hot glue 

✨ Acrylic Paint and brushes

Prep your box by sanding down any rough edges, removing any stickers, as well as making sure it’s dry and clean.

Stain your box. You can use a rag or brush to apply stain. Read the directions on your stain bottle, and wipe off extra stain. I love wood stain.

The latch has an eagle on it :)

After your stain is dry prep for the sky. You can prep with gesso or just white acrylic paint. This will make your colors pop more. I just dove in with painting, but if you want really crisp border lines use masking tape.

While waiting for the white to dry I hot glued in some moss. It takes the glue really well, but retains its fluffiness.

Add your night sky. To avoid having to paint tons of layers because your paint is transparent, ad a little white in. For the sky I mixed white, black, and blue, and left it a little unblended for a foggy feel.

Ad stars. I chose Cassiopeia, Polaris, and the Big Dipper. Use a tooth pic to get small dots.

Add in your items. I didn’t have a tea candle so I made a temporary candle from a shell. I also added some jars for herbs and a couple of crystals.


The hunches don’t help me… ever. So I figured I might as well use them to try to help other people. You’re the first person who’s actually stuck around and helped. You’re the first person who’s actually acted like a friend, whether you acknowledge it or not, and to be totally candid… I’m a bit sick of your bullshit, Todd. I wish you’d stop saying you’re an asshole.