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AOS FIC: From Your Fences

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The AOS crew goes camping.

This is Post-Beyond. Scroll to the bottom for Anna’s author’s notes. I have a ton.

Big ol’ thanks to @outside-the-government for her inspiration/support, even if it didn’t turn out like I planned. If you have not checked out her blog, go now. It’s fabulous. She is fabulous. 

This is part one of three, but can certainly be read as a standalone. Full of fandom cliches, ‘cause I’ve never had an original thought once in my life.

Also, McKirk. It’s always McKirk.

Somehow, Jim had convinced them all to go camping.

They’ve been transferred back to San Fran after Krall’s attack. Len’s been holed up in the lab for most of leave, has grudgingly accepted a part time mentorship position working with senior cadets.

“C’mon, Bones,” Jim whines. “The White River is gorgeous in the fall. Everyone’s going. Ben’s even taken sabbatical.”

Len had bitched and moaned and grumbled,Years stuck in space, and the first opportunity you get, you wanna sleep on the cold ground under the damn stars.”

He finds himself in Washington, anyway.

Len spends most of the first day on the river. He hasn’t gone fly fishing since David’s illness, and dammit, if it doesn’t feel good. The breeze is cool on his cheeks and the rush of the water over his boots is a comfort. Ben and Hikaru have Demora at the shoreline. Ben’s splashing her gently, and she’s squealing. 

It brings a lump to Len’s throat.

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12 March 2017 - Day 1 of the Dennerle tank

New project!

Picked up a Dennerle Scaper’s tank from a fellow hobbyist not too long ago. I’ve wanted to create a scape using spiderwood and sand for the longest time, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Took me around 8 hours to scape (that includes time used to wrap mosses/buces/ferns to the hardscape).  

Since it was my first time using spiderwood, I didn’t know that it took several days (sometimes several weeks/months in a few people’s cases) for the wood to sink! It also released some kind of slime and a lot of tannins, staining the water and making it slimy. 

Right now it looks like there’s a bit TOO MUCH going on, but hopefully the bolbitis heudelotii and java ferns in the background will grow out in the coming weeks to soften up the mid-back where there are a lot of intersecting and wild branches. I also tied willow moss to those branches in that section to soften the look.

I plan to move my red Taiwan bee shrimp into this tank.

Thanks for reading. I’ll post specs of this project soon!

Can you guys guess how many pieces of wood are in this scape?

for @fifthbornforrester​.   |   continued.

             ‘  you’ll  FREEZE  if  you  don’t  wrap-up  ‘      Arya  pointed  out.  it  sort  of  went  without  saying;  but  Talia’s  cloak  was  not  enough.  a  good  job,  then,  that  Arya  had  furs  enough  for  both  of  them.      ‘  you  should  try  and  sleep.  I’LL  KEEP  WATCH.  ‘ 

             ARYA  WAS  A  SUMMER  CHILD;  born  during  war  and  rebellion.  they  were  all  summer  children,  growing  up  in  WINTER.  and  though  she  could  barely  feel  her  fingertips  now,  she  welcomed  the  cold.  she  loved  it.  it  felt  like  HOME  again;  after  the  rainy  streets  or  Braavos  and  the  green,  green  Riverland  woods.  these  white  ‘scapes  were  CLEAN;  painting  over  the  war,  the  blood,  the  bones.  

             ‘  you  don’t  have  to  call  me  Lady,  ‘      Arya’s  nose  wrinkled  as  she  huddled  with  her  back  to  the  other  girl,  eyes  scanning  the  trees. 

            she  had  been  the  first  person,  excluding  her  VICTIMS,  that  Arya  had  told  her  PROPER  NAME  too.  another  Northern  girl;  seemingly  on  the  run,  too.  she  wore  her  sigils  proudly  and  she  earned  the  name.  she  hadn’t  said  so  but  she  was  PROUD  it  had  been  someone  like  Talia  she  had  met.