woods knowledge

i, too, am will graham as I would also run into the dark woods with the full knowledge that i could get killed by a murder furry but I wouldn’t care because my dog is out there injured

The knowledge that there is no objective right course of action is, frankly, terrifying, and a concept that most children are ill-equipped to handle. Thankfully, fairy tales — at least, the 20th-century iterations — depict a more black-and-white world of good and evil. Kids rarely question the motivations of their heroes, because fairy tales don’t ask them to. (Yes, a more modern film like Frozen complicates this somewhat, but in the end, love still conquers all, and it’s clear where our allegiance lies.) Into the Woods explores the complexity of morality, which is something its source material was less willing to do. The result is especially effective for adults who grew up reading these tales without the sort of thoughtful analysis that Sondheim and Lapine’s work requires.