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💰✨Broke Witch Tips✨💰
  • Wal-Mart has incense sticks/cones in packs of 40 for 84¢ and a standard wood burners for 84¢ as well. Add the cost of a lighter and you can now cleanse anything for less than $4.00
  • If you want to get a little fancier, Wal-Mart also has decorative incense stick holders and cone covers from $4-$10 I have a flower blossom stick holder I got for $5 that not only looks adorable but comes with quite a bit of incense in the set
  • Around back to school time, notebooks are very cheap-for my first/rough draft grimoire I got a pretty pink composition notebook for 50¢ and a pack of pens for $1.00-use this to record all the information you want to put in your final draft grimoire here (and honestly it’s great to have just a little book that I don’t care if it gets battered up)
  • Like pasta? Save your sauce jars, wash them out well, and BOOM-spell jars.  I’ve been living off shells with Alfredo sauce and I’m saving up tons and tons of jars
  • DOLLAR STORES-literally most of my witchy stuff I got at my local dollar store. Dollar stores are the absolute best for finding candles. They have tall candles, short candles, tea candles, votive candles, scented candles, unscented candles, LED candles, candle holders, you name it, dollar stores have it. So far from my local dollar store I’ve gotten
    • 3 tall, unscented candles in glass jars (1 white, 1 yellow and 1 blue)
    • a 16 PACK of unscented tea candles. that’s right, SIXTEEN. for a DOLLAR. that’s less than 10¢ a candle
    • a really adorable holder for said tea candles
    • a 2 pack of white, unscented taper candles
    • a medium sized LED candle (batteries were included in this one, but that was the only one I could find with batteries included, however most dollar stores also sell batteries)
  • Don’t have the space for a big tabletop altar (also for closeted witches)? a tin of mints is around $2.50 and, empty of mints, makes a great tiny, hide-able altar space. it fits conveniently in a purse or bag and won’t arouse suspicion. Tape sigils to the inside, spell recipes on tiny cards, chants, a tea light and a lighter, the possibilities are endless
  • follow crystal shops on Instagram, a lot of crystal shops will have ‘flash sales’ on social media, so you can scoop up great crystals for a good price

Ok I don’t have anyone to talk to right now, I just had to be socially trans in person for an hour while signing legal forms, and I’m strung out and tired. SO I’M GOING TO RANT ABOUT CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGES AND MAGICAL SCRIPTS.

Look, I get it. You want your conlang/magic script to look mystical, cryptic, special. You want it to look different than any other language while still looking like a language people write in. If you’re a spiritual person or magic-user this may even be a language you’re channeling and that you believe to be ancient in nature or otherwise pre-existing. But 95% of conlangs and magical scripts look totally fake and made-up, and this is not a judgment I’m casting on their actual grammatical structure or language theory or the languages they were based on. The thing that makes a language look like one people ever actually wrote in for hundreds of years, that makes it look like the letters/characters are all from the same language, is that it looks like a language that’s been written in whatever tools you are claiming or feel like it was traditionally written in.

Let’s take cuneiform:

Looks super-neat, right? Man, who’d ever think of having those wedges in an alphabet! It’s totally different than most modern languages out there and very distinctive, and the wedges are consistent across the letters, so it makes them all look like they’re from the same alphabet. This wasn’t just arbitrarily designed as a font style. There is a reason for this!

Cuneiform writing was pressed into wet clay with these shaped bits and that’s why it looks like that. It got stamped with wedges. That’s how (this type of) writing was done at the time. It’s a technological solution and that’s what makes the lettering get that peculiar stylization. You’ll get variants based on craftsmanship and tools, but basically the method is the same across various implementations. Once someone tried to write that in pencil, you could imagine it’d look different, and you’d see evidence of people’s hand-motion between strokes, becoming more of a tilt between letters.

For instance, English looks like it does, even in tumblr’s sans-serif fonts, because it can be constructed with a pen. When it gets fancy with a variable-width pressure-sensitive pen nib, you can get more complex and flowy, but notice the flow and arc still go with the movements natural for a hand to make:

Originally posted by heaven-knows-im-miserable-n0w

Those little trails between letters exist today because nib pens were drippy and left ink trails. The written language adapted to the tools to incorporate the trails and still make it look legible, and that’s why we have cursive writing at all. This is a simplified history but it’s basically there to make you think about the letter shapes in various traditional ways of writing in English and why it looks like it does instead of like cuneiform.

Which brings me to conlangs. If you want your brand new ancient-looking language to truly look like people have used it for eons, write it out with the tools you think those people would have used, and keep adapting the letters if you find that, say, a brush or nib pen can’t construct the weird arcs and whirls you’ve designed the language to have. Languages by and large are made to be convenient to write. If you don’t know how to write kanji, Chinese words probably look complex and arbitrary to you. But their shapes are logical when you see them written with a brush:

So if you have some arcane-looking swooshy script but it still looks kind of fake, think about where the weight should really be. It should be where the brush presses down heavier and the trailing marks are where the brush lifts up (and usually leaves the paper and ends the stroke). Where the stroke is wide on one end is where the brush initially met the paper. Above, you can see how one swish immediately flows into another, the strokes are like arrows leading across the page when you understand how they’re created. Pick up a brush and figure out an actual stroke order for your symbol. If logically the stroke seems like it’d leave someone’s hand smearing it trying to follow its arc, then logically that symbol would eventually get redesigned if it were in an actual language. Someone would figure out a better way to write it and everyone would adopt that way over time.

So practice writing your language with different tools. Consider a calligraphy course or even just a kit with a guidebook (or youtube training videos!). Written language is a tool that people use, magical as it can be. And if you’re using it for magical purposes such as woodburning it into tools or painting it onto things or writing it onto paper, consider that your symbols will change a bit according to the tools, just like with mundane languages. A wedge-shaped wood burner will get you something a bit closer to cuneiform. A brush will get you something flowy and not super-precise. Pencil will not leave ink trails and will get you something more technical and practical. Your written language logically should shift for that and adapt like a proper tool. And if you do that right, if you really use it, then it will look much more genuine because it will have experienced an actual evolution of form adapting to the physical tools it’s been worked with via.

And if you’re not using it for magic but are just using it for a fantasy setting where people use it for magic in the story, all the above would still apply to them.

Even with just one symbol not meant to be in a greater language, think about the tool you’re creating it with. It’s hard to make a realistic brush-style symbol in pencil. Use the tool that fits the symbol and you’ll produce something much more genuine-looking.

That’s it! I’m not a language expert, this is not meant to be A Real Factual History Of All Language, it’s just a rough primer in How To Make It Look Like A Language Is Actually Written With. It’s not meant to be a critique in whether your magical language is “real” enough or “magical” enough either. It’s simply some pointers in how to make a magical/constructed language that’s actually reasonable to write with and suits the tools you’re writing it with and the purposes you mean it for. Hundreds of years of written language evolution is hard to replace, but I believe in you.


The sun center incense holder • Wooden incense burner • Witchy incense holder • Incense stick burner • Shamanic tools

Wooden incense holder, handcrafted from local rowan wood and home made pine resin. The symbols, written with fire, represent the four directions and the movement of the sun from a geocentric perspective.

Will it belong to you?


Ok Witchlings my new pendulum board.

💙what i needed💙

🌝wood burning tool
🌝wooden board
🌝metal ring (or compass)

💜what i did💜

🐞drew out the circle
🐞measured, erased, measured again (the perfectionist in me)
🐞sketched out my idea (with help from a couple online ones i put into one board)
🐞made sure it was exactly what i wanted
🐞turned on the wood burner. (That bad boy is hot, 750 degrees BE VERY CAREFUL)
🐞ever so slowly started burning
🐞took mini breaks so i didnt rush it
🐞once each section was done smiled with what i did.
🐞 continued burning til i had to switch tool heads (had to wait for the tool to cool)
🐞switched to the new head and finished.
🐞i will have to place a clear coat on it, (i didnt on my other board)


This can be done on

🐝wooden board (dont use markers it will bleed on the wood)
🐝plastic canvas
🐝canvas for painting
🐝 whatever your little heart desires.

I hope this helps with some step by step and pictures. Blessings to you and yours


North rune incense holder • Wooden incense burner • Viking runes • Witchy incense holder • Incense stick burner • Altar tools

Handcrafted from local rowan wood and home made pine resin. The symbols, written with fire, represent the four directions and their correspondent Norse runes symbols. This incense holder has space for one incense at a time. This small burner is a perfect addition for your portable altar!

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Monday already, this weekend went too fast. Wishing everyone a good day, & a quick work week.

Here’s some ideas for wooden furniture, & wood burning. I always enjoy using a wood burner, for drawing, & different designs. Takes a while, but it’s worth it in the end ❤

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Baby Gilbert:


New Orleans was exactly like Tyler described. At least the view you got as he drove you through the Quarter was. He found an apartment for rent near someone called Marcel, claiming that it would help keep the two of you safe.

“I’ll find us more to eat later but for now stick with this.” He muttered, putting a small cooler of blood bags on the kitchen counter.

“You still haven’t told me what your business with your friends is.” You mumbled, going to find which bedroom you’d like.

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Metod Trobec, aka The Monster of Gorejne Vasi,  was a Slovene rapist and serial killer. From the age of 14, Trobec began displaying criminal tendencies. He once set fire to a neighbours barn, destroying tonnes of hay for animals to feed on. He spent the majority of his adolescent years stealing mopeds and cars, before somewhat getting a hold of delinquency by working for Yugoslav Railways. After a short stay in Germany, Trobec returned to Slovenia (then Yugoslavia) where he started to commit petty crimes. His luck had worn off by then, and he was eventually caught by police and sentenced to 13 months in prison. One can only suspect that something snapped inside of Trobec whilst he was in prison, as he began to commit much more heinous crimes as soon as he got out.

From 1976, five women lost their lives to the killer. He raped, strangled and then cremated their bodies in his homemade wood burner. After he was captured and imprisoned, he attempted to kill his fellow inmates twice which added 15 years to his sentence. He served a total of 27 years in prison before he committed suicide by hanging in 2006, making him Slovenia’s longest serving prisoner.


⠀⠀ 🌿 Little Fox Travel Altar Box 🌿


☽ ↟ Willow leaves ↟ Rosemary sea salt ↟ Lavender ↟ Black salt ↟ Desert sage ↟ Lavender incense ↟ Brass button ↟ Matches ↟ Black, white, blue & pink candles ↟ Pentacle candle holder ↟ Pencil ↟ Paper ↟ Jute twine ↟ Acorn ↟ Baby’s breath ↟ Snail shell ↟ Bells ↟ Glitter stim jar ↟ Sea shell ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox ↟ Clear Quartz point ↟ Snowflake obsidian ↟ Amethyst ↟ Rose quartz stars ↟ Blue lace agate ↟ ☾


⠀⠀⠀⠀☽ Element representation

Spirit ↟ Sun & Moon/Wolf & Fox figures, Amethyst, Lavender incense, Rose quartz stars, ‘Vulpecula’ constellation, Pentacles ↟
Water ↟ Sea shell, Glitter stim jar with tiny sea shell, Willow leaves (water loving tree), Sea salt ↟
Fire ↟ Matches, Candles, Incense, Brass button, Desert Sage, Strike strip ↟
Earth ↟ Acorn, Snail shell, Baby’s Breath, Willow leaves, Wood pentacle candle holder, Quartz point, Black salt, Rosemary sea salt, Lavender ↟
Air ↟ Bells, Lavender, Incense, Desert sage ↟


I’m still getting the hang of the wood burner but I’m quite happy with how this turned out! ♡

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Starting to dump on us just as we got to the hut for the night. Time to crank up the wood burner and warm up the puppies @iamarunr #teararoa #hutlife


About 2 hours away from finishing the second boot, but that’ll need to wait til tomorrow. Sleep now, ha ha.

Stamped and dyed the pauldron today, and am prepping it for antiquing tomorrow. Plan A is to tool the de Rolo crest on a separate piece of leather and then stitch that in place. Plan B is to use a wood burner or laser to do the crest. We’ll see how quickly I can teach myself to tool. :)

I also finally figured out a baldric/bandolier design, but more on that later!

Request from anon: Hi. Can I plse ask for a prompt? You and Jack are staying in a log cabin in the Scottish countryside where you and Jack take walks holding hands and you’re cuddling into him when he wears fleeces. As fluffy and/or smutty as you like. Thanks 💛

As you pulled up to the little log cabin in the highlands of Glencoe, you couldn’t help the awed gasp that escaped your mouth. The whole drive from Jack’s hometown of Oxton to the West-coast village had been stunning, passing through historic towns and magnificent landscapes, but the little wooden cabin situated on the top of a hill, surrounded by a grove of trees, simply took your breath away.

“Oh Jack, it’s gorgeous,” you marvelled.

A satisfied grin spread across his face as he agreed, “Aye, it’s quite the view”. The monticule looked out over the valley, paved in tress of emerald, orange and gold. It was the height of autumn, and the natural word was in the process of metamorphosis, and your little spot of paradise was situated right at the centre, in the eye of the storm, and he whirlwind of autumn blazed around you. The river raced over stones and pebbles, foaming in its haste, and laced the grey-blue water with white eyelashes. It was spectacular.

“No’ a bad way to spend yer anniversary, eh?”

“No,” you smiled, leaning onto your tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “Not bad at all.”

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