This lemonade is awesome stuff.  Mix it with some blackcurrant syrup and it becomes more so.

Also highly fizzy, and will explode out the bottle if knocked around.  More so than other brands.

Progressively Addled Ramblings of a guinea fowl grandma - January 19th

This morning there was such a cacophony in the garden I went out to see what was the matter. There were the guinea fowl (after whom I was named) looking irate and making a dreadful din in a row on my garden wall. What was wrong I had no idea. (Maybe they felt they weren’t getting enough attention in my blog!) Anyway they looked so comical I ran to get my camera and, of course, they had dispersed by the time I returned but I took a photo anyway:

Only the noisiest and the bossiest left on the wall.

Guinea Fowl: “Any of a family, Numididae (order Galliformes), of African birds. The family consists of 7 - 10 species, one of which, Numida meleagris, is widely domesticated for its flesh and as a "watchdog” on farms (it gabbles loudly at the least alarm).“ Encyclopaedia Britannica.

At "Lonely Hill Farm” our guinea fowl are only kept for their “watchdog” and entertainment value. Oh, and they eat earwigs.

Duty to my guinea fowl done I will move on to the pudding of the day:

Lemon Squash Dessert (No cooking required)

1 pint well-flavoured lemon squash (or similar drink), ¾ oz gelatine. Soak the gelatine till soft in a little warm water. Add the lemon squash and heat until it is melted. Put aside to cool. When it is just beginning to set, whisk it with rotary beater till it is white and frothy. Delicious with ice cream or whipped cream.-Mrs Betty Griffiths (Smithfield).

Lemon Squash Dessert (2nd attempt).

I used Woodroofe’s Lemon Squash. We have a very old Woodroofe’s syphon bottle which I will share. Apparently we should have returned it.

“This syphon is the property of W.Woodroofe Norwood SA” on one side.

“This soda water is filtered and produced under the most rigid hygienic conditions and is guarenteed free from germs, lead and other impurities. W.Woodroofe pty ltd. Nineteen First Prizes. All water passed through germ free filters” on the other side.

This dessert was very easy and quick. I did make a mistake however. I forgot about it after I had put it aside to cool and it set too hard. I still whisked it and put it in a mould but it didn’t fluff up very well.

My first attempt at Lemon Squash Dessert.

The second time I remembered it and it was much better. I think next time I would add a little lemon juice to add to the lemon flavour in the Lemon Squash.

Today I am going to share a photograph of my old kitchen cutlery container. It always sits on my kitchen dresser (it doesn’t get dusted very often!) to remind me of an age when spoons were worn away with all the stirring and not thrown away the moment they were no longer “new looking”.

Old cutlery container.

I am still reading “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” when I have a moment.

Listening: Astor Piazzolla and the New Tango Quintet. Tango: Zero Hour. Astor Piazzolla (Bandoneon).


Today we started to set up Alex’s kitchen in his flat. It was hot work and  I think it will take a long time at our current pace. Maybe I will only have time to make puddings in January.

If anyone would like to contact me, my email address is :


Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Mientras miraba South Park en su extensión de las 4 de la mañana, salió un encantador capítulo sobre el sida xD, que por supuesto, ya no está de moda, porque ahora el que la lleva es el cáncer; pero hubo una época en la que el virus del VIH tuvo su fama, y es precisamente la época que se relata en esta maravilla del séptimo arte. Generalmente no veo este tipo de películas porque suelen ser…

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Today’s movie is a drama with a scene that happens on July 25. Watch it tonight and enjoy.  


On July 25, 1985 [1:54 – 6:41] Ron Woodroof, a drug using gambler who hangs out at rodeos collapses. A few days later he gets an electrical shock at work. At the hospital he is told by Dr. Eve Saks that he has AIDS, with a six month prognosis to live. Woodroof starts taking AZT, but it makes his condition worse. Woodroof goes to Mexico and starts taking ddC and peptide T. Woodroof smuggles the two drugs into the USA. Along with Rayon, a trans woman whom he had met earlier, he sets up “the Dallas Buyers Club,” charging HIV positives $400.00 a month for the drugs. The FDA makes the two drugs illegal and then Rayon dies. Woodroof becomes more concerned with getting the drugs to HIV positive people than making money. Woodroof’s lawsuit to be allowed to take peptide T fails.      

The date is given in the film at 1:55 on a newspaper.

Producers - Robbie Brenner and Rachel Winter

Director - Jean-Marc Vallée

Screenwriters - Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack

Awards – The film won the Best Actor(McConaughey), Best Supporting Actor(Leto) and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. It was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing at the 86th Academy Awards  

Runtime – 1 hour 56 minutes

Released – September 7, 2013

Starring –

Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof
Jennifer Garner as Dr. Eve Saks
Jared Leto as Rayon
Denis O'Hare as Dr. Sevard
Steve Zahn as Tucker
Michael O'Neill as Richard Barkley
Dallas Roberts as David Wayne
Griffin Dunne as Dr. Vass
Kevin Rankin as T. J.
Bradford Cox as “Sunflower”
Scott Takeda as Mr. Yamata
Copyright by Ivan Walters in 2015.

Matthew McConaughey on "Dallas Buyers Club"

Web exclusive: Currently in the midst of a career renaissance, Matthew McConaughey tells Lee Cowan what drew him to the character of Ron Woodroof in “Dallas Buyers Club,” a story that the Oscar-nominated actor said needed to be told.