“Whyyy is this still not working?! This is the 100th time I’ve rewired you piece of crap ugh.” Vivian complains as the circuit board fizzles in front of her. She removes her googles to rest her eyes but then notices Gus’s phone as it lights up with a notification. Weird. He rarely leaves his phone out like that.

Perhaps, it’s time to ask for Mr. Google’s opinion… She reluctantly entertained that thought. Much to her surprise, it isn’t locked and curiosity takes over.

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woodroof: Luke Evans is really a good singer, but I captured only the worst from three songs #hobbitcon #hobbitcondrei #hobbitcon2015 #hobbitcon3 #lukeevans


“Welcome to Cheesy Bob how may I take your order. Heyyy cool! A Switch? I just got one and have been playing Zelda non-stop. It’s so good.”

“Oh? Yeah, this thing.” Gus remarks offhandedly, distracted by the Bokoblins on screen.   

“Ya know, Mario Kart is coming out real soon right. What’s your code? No one I know even have it, so lame.”

“No offense, but I don’t even know you?-” Gus begins, before Vivian interrupts by snatching the Switch and reading off his code. 

“Don’t mind him, he gets cranky when he’s hungry. He’d be more than happy to add you though. His name on it is G0blyn, with a zero, by the way.” She grins as she hands back the Switch, leaving an appalled Gus looking at her betrayal as if she had just announced herself as a serial puppy-stomper.

“Cool, cool.” He says, writing the code down. “Like the name. Alright then, speaking of hungry, what’ll you guys be having today?”

why is gus cranky you ask?