So, let’s take a look at Anti’s party guests, shall we?

Crawly Guy: Could walk normally if he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to. It’s his choice. The effect his crab walk has on his center of gravity throws off his center of time and space as well. Don’t ask how. That’s rude. Amateur parkour enthusiast. Would have had broken several bones several times in his lifetime if his kind had bones or lifetimes. 

Long Haired Lady: Likes to show up when the lights are off because she knows it looks cool as heck. Blind as shit because she refuses to cut her bangs. Walks slowly for no other reason than to not bump into anything. Still secretly listens to Malice Mizer. Gackt era is her favorite. 

Masked Office Workers: Raccoon Bro and Owl Bro were supposed to wear equine masks. Horse Bro and Unicorn Bro were supposed to wear woodland creature masks. No one involved got the memos because the memos were sent out 2 trillion æons ago by carrier shoggoths that were eaten by even bigger shoggoths. They’re all getting each other the “correct” masks for Christmas. 

KickThePj: It’s just Pj. He’s pretty chill so the demons like him. Who doesn’t like Pj? He’s a pretty cool dude.

The Janitor: Originally not on the invite, but stumbled upon the Christmas Party while doing his normal rounds after the office closed. He didn’t run screaming from the eldritch abominations so they let him have some food and hang with them a while. Nice guy. Crawly Guy and Crawly Guy’s wife are going boating with The Janitor and his wife next weekend.