woodland street


Belated Innocent World tea party coordinate. It was a challenge to dress up an older IW print (I usually wear it fairly simply). I decided to add flowers that I had bought in Japan, my favourite tapestry boots and was lucky enough to pick up a mossmarchen pendant the day before! 

Stupid In Love

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Request: angsty baekhyun scenario when he does something really stupid/dangerous/reckless even though you tell him not to and it’s really scary and he gets hurt but is mostly okay and a relatively fluffy ending of you scolding him and telling him how much he means to you etc.?


A/N: I recommend you listen to “Stupid In Love” by SoYou ft. RapMonster, just to set the mood.

Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 2553
Pairings: Baekhyun x Y/N (you).
Warnings: Aggressive language, mention of drugs.

If you feel uncomfortable, please note that you do not have to read this.

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Crash and Burn

Morse had been completely stressed out for an entire week. 

Work was difficult; there was a string of both regular desk work and cases that pulled him between the office and the streets and woodlands of Oxford. He was working long hours, barely eating and sleeping. Certainly, he did try to nibble, just to keep himself from aching too badly or feeling too fatigued, and certainly he’d caught a few winks here and there, but his levels of stress were mounting. He felt completely wound up, so much so that he was afraid to talk to Norah, for fear he’d trigger her. But not being able to vent his frustrations when he really needed to only made it worse, and soon, his head pounded with constant stress headaches.

The Friday of a completely trying week, Morse felt defeated. He was so entirely revved up that his body began to ache from tenseness. He was thin again, his cheekbones sharp angles that especially stood out when his face was framed in shadow. Worse yet, he was having a hard time keeping all of his emotions bottled up, so that he felt he might snap at any moment. He was currently working on a write-up of the latest case, a stress headache looming in the back of his skull. His fingers attacked the keyboard of his typewriter and, jaw set, he looked more determined than anxious.