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Judi Dench to turn documentary filmmaker for new BBC1 film about trees The Oscar-winning actress will make Judi Dench’s Secret Woodland for later this year

Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench once revealed that she plants a tree in her garden whenever a friend or relative dies. Now RadioTimes.com can reveal that she will be making a special BBC1 programme about trees’ importance both to her and the world.

The documentary, with a working title of Judi Dench’s Secret Woodland, will be filmed in her own back garden in what I am told is her own “special wood”.

“Judi has spent her life living beside one of the oldest forests in the UK, and in this programme she will embark on a remarkable journey with experts and historians to discover how deeply embedded trees are in our history, and how important they are to our future,” said the BBC.

“Filmed across an entire year, she will witness and experience their extraordinary behaviours through the changing seasons; from trees that talk, to those with the elixir of eternal youth pumping through their veins. This enchanting programme will use the latest in botanical research and innovations in technology to bring to life this hidden, unseen world.”

Airing later this year, Dench will also explore the “latest cutting edge scientific research” to unlock what the BBC is calling “the remarkable secret life of trees.”

Tom McDonald, the BBC’s Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual, said he was “thrilled that Dame Judi has agreed to make this very personal film about one of her great passions”, adding that it will be “visually spectacular”.

The programme – which is being made by Atlantic Productions, producers of hits such as David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef, Inside the Commons and Galapagos – will air on BBC1 later this year.

marceline-abaqueer  asked:

It would also be super fucken dope to just do like, mbmbam or lady to lady or jordan jesse go except all trans girls. The podverse is just awash with shows about the cis getting together and making jokes about like absolutely nothing? it's 112% time we get our cut. Also did you know US Senator Bernie Sanders has a podcast because that's a thing I learned today

Woodland Secrets and One From The Vaults are both good transgirl-hosted podcasts

I’m kind going crazy with a name with my series (tbh, I’m mad about naming characters, designs, plot well everything), I liiiike the name O Segredo do Bosque or Bosque dos segredos, in english it’ll be something like The Secret in the Woodland? or Woodland of Secrets, still not sure if it sounds good, but i need it to have Bosque/Woodland in the name cuz of the theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSW3Ja2Z_zs

And yes, if ya getting a Over the Garden Wall vibe ya right it’s totally inspired by that, if you’re not then i’m doing something wrong…

Drunken Stars

Drunken Stars
Fandom: Tolkien
Imagine From: Imagine Legolas
Pairing: Legolas x Reader
Words: 1115.

“Imagine falling into Legolas’ lap at the feast of starlight after having a little too much to drink… As you get up to leave - whispering apologies- he presses his hand to your side and tells you not to go anywhere too soon…”

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