woodland cottage

I’m officially posting my very first tag post ! I was tagged in the #myaestheticself post and I was so excited to do it because I had so many ideas! A few words to describe my aesthetic would be: Woodland cottages 🌲Nature 🌿🦋🐝Woodwind instrumental music 🎼 Foxes 🦊 Flowers 🌷🌻 Writing 📝 Tea ☕️ Candles 🕯 and Holistic Healing and Herbalism🌱

I am not meant for this world. I belong in a thick magical forest, filled with woodland elves, fairy rings, old oaks, werewolves howling at the moon, faeries dancing under waterfalls, and unicorns hidden away- only seen by nymphs. I want to live in a cottage surrounded by falling petals. I want fauns to play their flutes from willow trees. I want to hear the sound of dragons roaring through the sky. I want to make a garden for myself, and make a welcome sign to all the woodland creatures to my cottage of love and magic. I just want to live in a fairy tale and leave this world forever.

disco-rangerr  asked:

au where techie is a witch and matt is his wolf familiar!! techie tames matt without knowing matt can shift into a human, until one day he wakes up with a very muscular blond guy in his bed. matt does magics with techie in his wolf form and he's techie's very big and beautiful boyfriend as a human!! it's all very efficient

I love this!!! the sandy blond wolf is very very aggressive when he wanders near Techie’s woodland cottage but Techie gives him food and fresh water to try and make peace between them and the wolf accepts it but growls at Techie anyway as he leaves

but the wolf keeps coming back, at first it’s for food but then he starts bringing gifts for Techie that he can use in his spells and potions

and one rainy, stormy night there’s a scratching at Techie’s door and it’s the wolf so he lets him in and dries him and lets him sleep at the end of his bed

but Techie wakes to strong arms around him, a bare chest pressed against his back and he turns to see a big, blond-haired man cuddling him and the wolf nowhere to be found…

it doesn’t take him very long to figure out that this beautiful man is his wolf, and Techie is overjoyed that he’s been gifted with this wonderful familiar, this amazing companion 💕

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