woodland bori

I’m downgrading in the midst of everyone packin’ on s’more neopets! (Asterisk means came from a good friend, so please wanting a good home.)

  • Blacksmite the Wraith Gnorbu (forever home, as is) *
  • Maresetta the Woodland Bori  (forever home, as is) *
  • Celori (”celery”) the strawb mynci *
  • Tintay the strawb Acara (gotta wait for more transfers)
  • Madiegh the pink Scorchio
  • Delapidate the strawb gnorbu

And these are Neos I’ve been holding for people I don’t remember. Come get your Neos! NOT UFA, these children need to go home to their parents.

  • loki_01020 the Kacheek
  • Khadila the Zafara 
  • Skamantha the Eyrie

thank you neotag my pets have found wonderful new owners!

Helllooo friends I’ve seen people posting their ufa on here and I’m running out of pet space so if anyone is interested ive got

Tolchock - mutant kyrii, his name is from a clockwork orange so it would be cool if you’ve read the book or just like the movie a lot but it doesn’t really matter. he’s a good boy and i love mutants but yea I haven’t been doing much with him

Baruga - woodland bori, he is so cute and his name is a rw (name of a language) if that interests anyone

Long time no update! My excuse is the same as always: Canon is taking quite some time to put together but is coming together nonetheless. The first chapter is almost half-way illustrated. As my first webcomic, it’s taking me a while to get perfect, but I think the wait will be well worth it.

In the meantime, have a quick drawing of one of my Neopets. (You’re damn right I still play Neopets; look at this adorable little guy!) The power was out a couple of days ago thanks to a storm, and without the ability to paint, I started drawing my pets. When the power came back, I had to draw this little guy. You can be sure that there will be more coming to this Tumblr shortly.