1. Woodii - Woodii mainly sells cute vintage clothing and Illustrations. But I am just so in love with their Terrarium necklaces. These little necklaces would make any outfit look more whimsical, natural and earthy.

2. Mimi Hammer - Possibly some of the nicest swimsuits I have ever seen. A great attention to detail and wonderful design features at awesome prices!

3. Glacier Milk - Harajuku inspired upcycled fashion - can it possibly get much better than that? This shop is a feast for the eyes with exciting and flamboyant outfits photographed to perfectly compliment the outfit.

4. Dewi Design - Beautiful hand carved fake gauge earrings. These earrings will certainly stand out from the crowd. There isn’t one pair of earrings in this shop that I don’t love.

5. Mary Wool - Felt & wool jewellery and accessories. I particularly love their scarves and their colour combinations. These items would make a great gift for almost anyone.