woodi cosplay


Blast us to smithereens! That’s there’s dynamite!!!

My Jessie cosplay! I wore it to Mickey’s Halloween Party on Friday!

I made it all myself! From the hat to the belt buckle! ❤️


Bo Peep was reunited with Woody and Buzz yesterday. :) She’s really missed them!

Klaine Fluff Fic Recs

dedicated to @vampireisabitstrong :-)

You’ve Got A Friend In Me, by @hazelandglasz (or here on Tumblr if you want to reblog). The newest offering by our favourite fluff provider is nothing short of delightful: Kurt and Blaine meet cosplaying Woody and Buzz in Disneyworld. All together now: awwwwww!!!

A Month, A Week, And Three Days, by @it-avi (LaniLaniDuck). This is a slow and sweet exploration of how Kurt and Blaine became Klaine. Lots of pining and coy looks and flirting. Fluffier than a baby bunny, and just as irresistible. 

Wordless Love, by @nikusiatko. Blaine quarrels with Kurt and tells him he never says I love you. After the quarrel, though, he realises that Kurt has a way of showing his love through what he does for Blaine rather than through words. Beautiful!

Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me, by @nightingale63. More fluffy Disney Klaine. This is such a wonderful feel-good story :-)

Breaking The Ice, by @quizasvivamos. Klaine meet while ice-skating. Lovely!

Blaine’s Personal Christmas Spirit, by @munchkinpandas24. Kurt cheering up grumpy Blaine, who doesn’t like Christmas. Now, Kurt just HAS to cure him of that, doesn’t he? You’ll probably know @munchkinpandas24 from their sizzling hot fics Wandering Around Back to You and Off Limits, but this bit of Christmassy fluff is well worth your while too!

Dalton’s OTP, by @lady–divine. Not going to give the plot away, but you’ll love this adorable little nugget!

Let Me Catch You (When You Fall), by @fictionallylost (and its sequel I Heard That You Fell). This just about melted my heart, it’s so adorable. Really well-written, too - almost sounds like poetry here and there. Love it!

Happy Corners, by @a-simple-rainbow. Kurt meets Jock! Blaine in math class, and they bond by doodling together. First story I ever read of this author, and it had me eagerly clicking to her profile page to sample other figments of her imagination :-)

Somebody Loves You, by @whatstheproblembaby. Klaine in an established relationship, being simply adorable <3

Love Shack, by @hkvoyage. Another adorable meet-cute. Warning: make sure you have something to nibble on while reading this, as it will make you crave cake and everything sweet.


Had an amazing time at Fanime 2015! Saw so many amazing cosplays! These are just 10 of my favorites.

Introducing A whole New Pixar Au I just decided to Draw for fun! take it into your fandom arms and make it blossom into the beautiful sprout flower it is! Just kidding! (*cough* kinda *cough)

I got  this idea a while back and was not sure which character I should make the skelebros, at first I wanted chubby sans as buzz and lanky Papyrus as woody but the personalities didn't  add up, this I think is much better.

I admit i had WAY to much fun Drawing Papyrus as Buzz Light year! his “battle body” in its shape is actually very similar to buzz’s. A wide chest area, circular arm sleeves and black midway divider. I think he looks rather dashing. I even added in some Undertale references by tweaking him a bit! Plus, Papyrus as Buzz before character develop works PERFECTLY instead of the space cadets hes in the royal space guard or something. lol

Woody and Sans don’t have much in common except their loyalty and protection of their friends and the way things are suppose to be, happen and stay! He is unsure of anything too new and prefers to stay in his comfort zone. he aslo still likes wisecracking with toy, cowboy and space puns now!

Also in case your wondering, the humans are their owners, Frisk as Andy and Chara as Sid. the Amalgamates are actually just s Chara’s messed up toys. And don’t worry there is still shipping! Buzz of course has the perfect ironic toy as a goat mom Bo peep! and Jessie? well I was orginally drawing Frisk in a jessie costume before thinking they would make a better Andy and then…it hit me. who would rock that outfit best? METTATON! yeah! I ship it! don’t judge ;)

and Lastly the Ele-fun in the room (ba dum tss….if you get that joke feel proud of yourself) Of Corse when I thought of Slinky dog…this just had to be done.


Lane rocked her Disney side as Bo Peep from Toy Story. :D And of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete if she didn’t get to dance with Woody. :D