woodgrain paper


I built a kick-ass battlestation.

After hunting for pre-made desk solutions online for quite some time, a thought occurred to me that I had previously dismissed as ill-advised:

“I bet I could just build myself a desk             …fuck it!

4 pine boards, 6 table legs, 10 shelf brackets, 7 steel bracers, 200+ screws, 75+ washers, 3 days, and 1 roll of fake woodgrain contact paper later I had myself a desk.  It is by no means perfect, but it is a significant improvement over what I had been using before.  I built it strong enough to support my own weight. 

I can stretch out my legs, or scoot in close to my keyboard without hitting my knees on a shelf.  Due to the tiny size of my room, I had to assemble it in place, which meant painting or staining it was out of the question.  Woodgrain contact paper has just the right kitsch for me, while still protecting the wood.

I’m still rearranging my keyboards, monitors, and other equipment in search of an optimal layout.  But I finally have space for my Commodore 128D to be permanently set up.  I bought two new 24″ LCD’s so I can see Dark Chii, side by side with either Vega or XJ-9.  And as always, my Toshiba Satellite is not far away from my amplifier, sporting my music collection and a few old games.