My husband got me some large sheets of paper with an awesome leafy print. I had to take some photo’s of Farla with this leafy backdrop :-)

Farla is my 1/3 Resinsoul Ai in green skin; I modded her legs and horns, made her a woodland outfit and mossy wig, painted her face and hands; her eyes are of an unknown brand; her copper woodland staf is made by MarrieKo on Etsy.

Here is a rather gloriously epic #nature #illustration by Ian McQue (@ianmcque) that he entitled “Treehouse.” A man stands guard (in the lower right corner). Waiting. Unsure what might approach or threaten his people. They had done such a good job at hiding their location within the bows and timber of that old monolith that it is high unlikely that they could ever be found… but there is still a chance. And they cannot take the chance that they will be found.

Around the time that Ian drew this mind-boggling complex system of wood, limbs and twisting branches, he had also taken to sketching out several other trees. Now, it is unclear whether he was practicing for a larger piece or if he just went through a decently long dendrophile (someone who loves trees) phase or if he just started doodling and, well, look! It’s a tree. Whatever the situation, we can definitively say that Ian does not skimp on the detail.

From the leaves and clover-like plants in the undergrowth at the base of the tree; to the wrinkled and gnarled bark that scatters shadows about its own exterior like the skin of a grizzled old farmer who has spent too much time out int he sun; to the plentiful expanse of shadow hiding from the light in a hundred treebark nooks and crannies; to the carefully placed planks that form the steps up the right side of the tree (I THINK I see more elsewhere in the drawing, but I’m just not SURE)… Ian’s environmental scene designs are just as thought-provoking as his dieselpunk drawings of airships and industrial cityscapes.

Is it just me, or do those knot holes look like eyes? And those branches look a lot like tentacles… hm… It’s a Cthulhu tree, isn’t it… well there goes the rest of my sanity!

Yet another awesome piece, Ian. Thanks for continually producing impressive pieces to inspire people to draw and, in my case, write. Marvelous work, good sir.
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