SP 8322 near the east end of Woodford, CA Siding in August 1986 B37 por Marty Bernard
Por Flickr:
A Roger Puta Photograph

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Happy Friday 🎊🎉🍹

Sorry I’m getting to this so late, Friday Anon! I have been a busy little bee today. The bf and I went to Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace distillery tours. It was really neat, even though I am not a fan of whiskey in any form. Still, there was a lot of cool history, and it was fun to see all the mash fermenting and all the barrels aging. There was a bachelor party there with us at Woodford at the first tour of the day, and then there they were, right with us again at Buffalo Trace, even though Four Roses is in between WR and BT. Then we went to Zaxby’s for lunch, and there they were again! They told us we might as well have come in the limo with them, but we weren’t doing any more of the bourbon highway. They were also from Illinois, too.

After lunch, we dropped in at UK’s mucking competition (old timey mining skills) to check in on our alma mater’s women’s team. They should beat the only other women’s team, and most of the co-ed teams, though I don’t think they were directly competing against them. The men’s is tomorrow, and my bf is competing on an alumni team. Hopefully the weather stays nice for us. Its beautiful out today!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!