If the whole Bill Cosby abuse thing is throwing you for a loop please try googling these words

Sean Penn abuse

Charlie Sheen abuse

Mel Gibbson abuse

Woodey Allen abuse

Mark Wallberg violence

Nicolas Cage  abuse

Tommy Lee  abuse

Ozzy Osbourne abuse

Gary Busey abuse

Every single person on this list is either on a show, in a recent movie, going to be in a recent movie, or is producing their next film.(alright. Gary Busey is in a few commercials.)

My point? When black men like Ray Rice or Chris Brown abuse women we want their head on pikes. When Bill Cosbey gets (re)accused. He starts losing contracts ASAP.

I am sick of it. Sick of the abuse of women being swept under the rug. Sick of watching white men who beat women with baseball bats, and rape their own daughters, and assault strangers to the point of blindness…. keep their careers! While we want to parade around the dead careers of violent black artists. 

(I’m not sympathzing with the black artist. I say burn every single violent offenders career to the fucking ground. But ain’t it funny racist how its only ever black men?)