honestly where’s my Beer Snob Bitty content???? like i know he contradicts traditional southern masculinity in a lot of ways but he’s still grown in georgia, u KNOW coach handed him a cold one on his 13th birthday as a welcome to the big boys club. u KNOW he grew up picking coronas out of a trash can full of ice at family barbecues. u KNOW pretty much every social event he went to post-middle-school was a bonfire behind somebody’s house where a bunch of guys backed their trucks up to the fire so u could sit on the tailgates and someone’s older brother got talked into buying a 24-pack of the cheapest thing at the gas station and u burped and threw wooden pallets on the fire till every can was empty. and from what i can tell in canon, he definitely won’t turn down even the shittiest of frat party beer.
when i started this post i thought i’d be talking about craft-beer, $15-6-pack bitty, but it actually makes more sense this way: jack “i don’t drink much” zimmermann, Microbrewery Hipster, despairing over the fact that he cannot get bitty to drink anything fancier than Miller lite Thank U


Pallet Couch

Video instructions soon to come! Basic instructions:

1. Pick four study wooden pallets

2. Paint them black (or whatever color you desire)

3. Screw them together

4. Screw thin, flat piece of wood (also painted black) on top. This is to give your day bed an even surface.

5. Measure wood for side shelves. 

6. Cut this wood (I used a circular saw) and screw drive together. I did a very basic shelf on each side with two short sides and a long piece of wood on top.

7. Place mattress. Mine was twin size and covered with donated muslin fabric.

8. Accessorize! I sewed these pillows using fabric from the Wal Mart bargain bin and purchased pre-stuffed pillows from JoAnn’s. 

Good luck! :)


Flatmakeover #2

A little creative idea went into a very big and 12 hour long project. Here is a sneak peak of my homemade bed. It was supossed to be made out of 8 wooden pallets (all in the same size), but ended up getting 8 pallets in different sizes (but for free) :) This made the project a bit longer, as we had to cut everything out, add extra pieces to make it all steady etc.. After that everything is painted white and screwed together. I just used the mattress from the old bed and put on top of the pallets. In the end it will have light underneath, I will show more pictures on the finishing result of the entire flat..