After a lot of heavy lifting, furniture painting, breaking things and making things my first own artist studio is finally all set up!!! 😁

I literally couldn’t be happier with it and am already being so much more productive. ✨

So grateful for being able to afford this much needed work space which would never have been possible without all your support.
Thank you!!! 💕


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.16.17

triangle shelves by fernwehreclaimedwood

upcycled and reclaimed pallet wood becomes a trendy wall hanging in a variety of triangle shapes and finishes. i love the boho, rustic look — fernwehreclaimedwood has signs, bathtub shelves, breakfast trays, essential oil caddies, and more!

It’s been great to be part of the anime community on Tumblr (especially the FT fandom). I didn’t know what to do for this milestone and although follow forevers are cliche - I think it’s good to support fellow blogs and let them know I appreciate and support the content they work hard to produce. Of course, non-content creators will be included because they are blogs that are active and reblog quality content. 

The people who are my friends and keep me laughing/having a great time will go first (because I love you all obviously).Sorry if I’ve missed anyone. Once again, thank you so much to everyone who follows my blog!

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This was our first computer desk and it’s still simple enough to re-create within a few days.

At first, it was quite a challenge to gather used pallets but now we have quite a bunch stocked up and we’re ready to make more.


Flatmakeover #2

A little creative idea went into a very big and 12 hour long project. Here is a sneak peak of my homemade bed. It was supossed to be made out of 8 wooden pallets (all in the same size), but ended up getting 8 pallets in different sizes (but for free) :) This made the project a bit longer, as we had to cut everything out, add extra pieces to make it all steady etc.. After that everything is painted white and screwed together. I just used the mattress from the old bed and put on top of the pallets. In the end it will have light underneath, I will show more pictures on the finishing result of the entire flat..


Pallet Couch

Video instructions soon to come! Basic instructions:

1. Pick four study wooden pallets

2. Paint them black (or whatever color you desire)

3. Screw them together

4. Screw thin, flat piece of wood (also painted black) on top. This is to give your day bed an even surface.

5. Measure wood for side shelves. 

6. Cut this wood (I used a circular saw) and screw drive together. I did a very basic shelf on each side with two short sides and a long piece of wood on top.

7. Place mattress. Mine was twin size and covered with donated muslin fabric.

8. Accessorize! I sewed these pillows using fabric from the Wal Mart bargain bin and purchased pre-stuffed pillows from JoAnn’s. 

Good luck! :)

A couple short stories about grown men acting like children.

Both of these happened a few years ago in the hellmart that I work at during Black Friday.

The year that sky landers started becoming super popular, our store was selling an xbox 360 bundle. We ran out within a few minutes. A couple hours after that sale had ended a man went to Electronics asking if we had any left. After being repeatedly told we don’t have anything in the back he proceeded to huff and puff like an angry toddler. He then walked around the department while pissing his fucking pants! He left a sizable puddle before being kicked out.

The next one was also about some gaming bundle, Ps4 maybe? Anyway we were down to a few left and two middle aged guys got into a fight about who should get the last one. One of our managers (we’ll call him, Moe) went over there and broke them up. Moe was a pretty sizable guy and fairly strong, he used to carry and stack wooden pallets by himself. These two guys were a over a foot shorter and probably 100 pounds lighter than Moe.

Now since we have a no physical contact policy when it comes to customers, Moe could really only talk them down unless his life was in danger. When Moe got between them one of them decided it was a good idea to shove the giant that was in front of him. Moe told us later that his first thought was “Man I’m gonna get fired today” because he was about to Donkey Kong smash the guy into the ground if he tried something again. Thankfully the police came over and arrested them.

Black Friday always seems to bring out the worst in people.

Hidden Life

Prompt: Oooh, can u do 94 from list 1 where it’s Jason talking to the reader and the reader is a vigilante and so she has to hid bruises from fighting bc she thinks it’ll give her away but she knows jay is the red hood (he doesn’t know she knows maybe) and she fights alongside him so he’s like what the fuck your bruises are in all the same places that I patched up on *vigilante name* last night what and he realizes that she’s the vigilante and there’s a lot of angst thank you!

94.) “Show me,” he whispered, starting to pull down the zipper of her hoodie. “It’s just a bruise…” She tried to push his hand away, but she was backed against the corner and the painkillers had stopped working, so even breathing was painful.

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Word count: 1,584

Vigilante Name: Thornbird (X)

TW: Cursing, mention of past abuse, tried to be angsty, not very good

General Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid, @memento-scribet

Show me…” Jason whispered, starting to pul the zipper down on your hoodie.

It’s just a bruise..” You said as you tried to push his hand away, but you were backed up against the counter and the painkiller has stopped working, so even breathing was painful. You had tried to wear your sweatshirt to avoid this little finding out but Jason had gotten hands and you had flinched away in pain and damn it-

It started last night. You had known that your boyfriend was Red Hood for a solid sixth months, and for four of them you had decided to… step into a new role, so to speak. Really, you had been curious about the whole thing, and then you got hooked… You wore similar attire to Jason, a dark brown leather jacket, kevlar infused brown shirt that had a orange Thorn bird on the front, brown pants and black combat boots. You kept your hair held up in a brown hat with a red stripe down the front to the back. You wore a mask that covered your whole face and also muffled your voice surprisingly well. The first night you went out you’d track him, some part of you was relieved that he hadn’t been cheating on you…

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