Today I was walking by a construction waste container, mainly filled with old interior decoration. I could also spy a Microwave and a pretty modern printer in there. I decided to look deep between the old wooden pallets and there it was:
A 1985 IBM Model M keyboard. Sad to see it broken, as it probably was totally ok before it was dumped into that container. I will now try to restore this thing to its former glory. Funny how people throw this away as it’s worth about USD 50 in working condition.


Pallet Couch

Video instructions soon to come! Basic instructions:

1. Pick four study wooden pallets

2. Paint them black (or whatever color you desire)

3. Screw them together

4. Screw thin, flat piece of wood (also painted black) on top. This is to give your day bed an even surface.

5. Measure wood for side shelves. 

6. Cut this wood (I used a circular saw) and screw drive together. I did a very basic shelf on each side with two short sides and a long piece of wood on top.

7. Place mattress. Mine was twin size and covered with donated muslin fabric.

8. Accessorize! I sewed these pillows using fabric from the Wal Mart bargain bin and purchased pre-stuffed pillows from JoAnn’s. 

Good luck! :)


I’m a wee bit obsessed with wooden pallet (reclaimed) furniture.  It can add that warm bit of ‘rustic’ in cold, slick interior.

Love the knitted blankets in the first pic too!

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